Are you ready…? A fabulously fragranced Liz Earle TSV!

Are you reaaaady…

Contenders reaaaaaady!!!

So sorry, I’m now laughing as I type this… I started to tell you all about the fab Liz Earle TSV (hence the dramatic ‘are you ready’) that I’m so lucky to have been able to try out at home. I’m LOVING the gorgeous new edition, but as usual I say one thing and I zoom on a tangent! ‘Are you ready’ was all it took and I zipped straight back into the world of Gladiators, where I was a cheerleader for a the Saturday night TV show.

Oh, the fun we had. The shows were long but for the remainder of the night… let’s say were made to party! With 6am bedtimes, a berocca as a nightcap and the hugest bed to sprawl the aching limbs in. Heaven! It was so punishing, although it looked on the TV as if all we did was wave pom poms around gaily. I’ll have you know the choreography was huge, as was the arena. It was exhausting to say the least, so we too were allowed the masseuses that were brought in for the Gladiators!

I had a nostalgic zip through the filing cabinet of my mind after the loft sort-through, then watching Ulrika Jonson on celebrity First Dates Hotel. She was always such a laugh and wanted to join in with our camaraderie…

So, that was my reason for the wander back in time, I think. Plus, the most beautiful of books called Three Things About Elsie by Joanna Cannon (highly recommend – thank you my lovely Ali Keenan for the tip off). There is such beauty in the writing, such a stunning simple and emotive read. I loved it and I’ll tell you no more, but filtering through the filing cabinets of my mind was certainly a huge part of the book.

Now, FOCUS (she reminds herself!!). Back to the fabulous – and did I say AMAZING – offer from Liz Earle that’s available to pre-order now and officially launching from 9pm on Saturday and all through this Sunday.

Magnificent in price and showcasing the ultimate and multi award-winning skin classics… but with a twist with a new Bergamot & Basil scent that is truly thrilling and feels fresh yet with a warming feel, with herbal and citrus notes so artfully combined. It goes without saying that my skin feels soft, fully cleansed and appears clearer and brighter, but let’s not underestimate the power of our sense of smell and the journeys it will take us on…

The collection features Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser in both the original AND the new Bergamot & Basil scent. It was also a surprise for me that Instant Boost Skin Tonic has also been transformed into Bergamot & Basil. This skin-boosting tonic is a must-have step in your skincare routine – honestly the feeling of extra hydration that your skin receives feels so evident when I use it! I know some people miss this step, but seriously, DON’T!!! You’ll thank me when your skin survives beautifully this season!!

It really is a joy to use the collection, with the Body Cream and Hand Repair have also being Bergamot & Basil-ed!

It makes for such an easy gift to give, so do think about splitting up and gifting to make your money go further. I warn you though, it’ll be a FULL set you will want to keep…!

And to make things even more exciting, all beauty (including this TSV) has a P&P of just £1.95! So, what are you waiting for?

I have done rather a lot of laughing this week… mostly at myself, it has to be said. I took part in a fab course that was run within QVC by a couple of the directors.

After hearing so many people say that they’d love to have a go at presenting, cameras, directing etc. etc. they set up a one-off day to ‘have a go at a different role’ – catchy, huh!? It was a resounding success and with feedback such as: ‘I don’t know how they do it’, to: ‘wow, there’s soooo much you need to do, and all at the same time’. So, it appears that a regular course would be much appreciated!

Well, after a number of years it was decided a presenter should also be let loose… they selected the roles I was going to try (I suspected they might) and all I can say is I’m MORE than happy as a presenter, thank you very much!! We all have our own skill sets don’t we, and I’m delighted I was given the skills that make presenting a joy, because I did not get the skills required to produce or direct!!!

It was impossibly hard, yet one of our floor staff was totally BRILLIANT and was clearly born to produce, so I hope that he can embark on some training and go for it. QVC are a company of opportunities, so I’m sure I’ll have his dulcet tones in my ear in the near future. The course is now more aptly named “A Taste of TV” and certainly provided camaraderie, fun and a whole new view on team work and the recognition of how vital all the roles are within broadcasting that make up our fine team.


My weekend with my gorgeous friend Manda was filled with loads of laughter, too. We chilled and chatted, I lost the plot on more than one occasion – she delighted in taking the mickey out of me having a dramatic moment (generally letting off steam and yelling), whilst marching down the lane (in the rain) in my sparkly and seemingly incongruous trainers from Skechers! Who said you can’t sparkle in the rain?

We drank some wine and generally rebooted one another! Maddie filmed us laughing, I sound like a complete crazy lady but oh, how good it felt! It’s on my phone now and I shall play it at all opportunities to make me smile.

Another highlight this week was a catch up with my lovely friends for Lindsey’s Birthday lunch. Always a million things to discuss as we’ve been entwined in each other’s lives now for sooooo long. We visited the Brasserie at La Goccia, which is such a beautiful setting. In fact, I was so surprised by Covent Garden as it seems hugely different. So spacious and upmarket as ever. I think Dan and I need to get out and enjoy London a little more, once work slows down…. ha! ‘You’ve got Bob hope and no hope’! It IS a good thing to be so busy, it’s just hard-going for Dan at the moment.


I shall be at QVC this weekend ‘In the Garden’ and with Skechers, who have a super special value on Saturday for these gorgeous boots (178610).

They’re perfect for this season and yes, probably more weather appropriate than my sparkly pair!!

On Sunday I shall love presenting with Simon Wilson from Butler & Wilson and Julien Macdonald .. is it me or is it actually feeling just a little festive… shh! Strike me down… but maybe just a smidgen!

As ever, I wish I had super powers and could press the pause button for everyone and everything around me, and just gain a little free time to catch my tail!

What would your super power be…????

Loads of love

Claire xxx

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  1. Marlene..I am so very very pleased to read that ..Thankyou for taking a moment to write that to me , it’s very appreciated xx

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