Keep on smiling!

Another Sunday is here and unbelievably another week has gone by as this ‘normal’ continues. It’s crazy, isn’t it? But hopefully it’s one more week towards a stronger, healthier and safer outcome for us all.

How are you managing through all of this? There are differences aplenty in all our lives and differences daily with our approaches to everything, that’s for sure.

I certainly continue to look with interest (and annoyance sometimes, it has to be said!) at our family dynamic and the five different personalities that are jostling under one roof.

The big realisation is, while we are all technically reading the same book so-to-speak, blimey aren’t we all on different pages or what?! Like a good Book Club, we are full of differing opinions about those same words and paragraphs.

A debate over food occurred just now that was started by Dan. He suggested that Joe should find a recipe and cook the family a meal tonight…

Maddie took umbrage as she had made an amazing lasagne for last night’s meal, which was delicious. It was SO nice to have it all prepared by SOMEONE ELSE! I think she enjoyed the praise and was then put out by the thought that Joe may now take her mantle…

I then chimed in with: “maybe not tonight as there’s a fridge full of things that need to be worked through”, such as veg and fresh Jersey Royal Potatoes that we had delivered this week. It’s such a pleasure unpacking the box weekly – I’m incredibly grateful that I had this set up locally before we entered into this situation.

I then offered up that I’m struggling with eating so late. It’s not good for me and I don’t NEED as much food as everyone else. I can’t keep going to sleep on a full tummy ahead of an early alarm for work. No wonder I’m gaining around the flipping waist!

This later meal is due to the fact that there’s such a late start for the teens. If I hear again at 4.45pm: “I’m just getting some lunch” …I mean, come on! (And breathe…)

I think I feel a little better after getting that off my chest, and we are now eating at 6pm!!! Communication is without a doubt required at the best of times, and most definitely needed now.

Also, where on earth everyone is getting the time (or inclination) to FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp etc. etc…? I am either plain lazy as I still haven’t hung up the clothes in my room, nor painted my canvas, gold leafed the other one, or tidied the loft etc. etc!!!

Or it’s because I’m choosing to recharge in my garden with a cup of tea… YES, that’s it. That’s when I can I do it! So, that’s that!

But it’s ok. My mindfulness teacher’s radio show tonight will be exploring the saying ‘comparison is the thief of joy’, so I’m just going to tell you the same: IT’S OK! All of it. Whatever, however and all that jazz.

(I need all the laughing face emoji’s to put here, as I type with a wry smile on my face).

Keeping with the food theme… we have new chickens! Oh crikey, not to eat… but for eggs, of course!

There is much discussion on whether we should name them or not, as it just seems more distressing when they go if they are named. However, after a comment on Instagram suggesting the Spice Girls, we ran with that – literally!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Spice Girls: Ginger, Chillie, Cumin and Paprika!!!

The older originals then had to be named (of course), so we went with Daisy, Daff (Daffodil) and Dolores (Doll) who is the definite rule rooster. They are currently warily navigating each other – the new girls somewhat tentatively and Dolores indignant and verbal.

We are separating and introducing them in equal measure. I do hope the pecks are minimal, but their produce bountiful!

Still food-related (which is no surprise when between us all the volume of food is great, and whilst savings are made on other things, the consummation of produce shows no signs of slowing), I was delighted when a parcel arrived containing Chunks of Devon pasties – which is also today’s TSV!

Seemingly so were the boys, as when I went to get them out of the fridge, it was the recycling bin that offered up the answer as to where they had gone (and look at the cat trying to get in on the action!).

“Delicious and full of proper potato and meat” are Joe’s words.

“I didn’t like them… I LOVED them” were Tom’s words.

Amusingly, I then received my order of The Real Pies Company, which I had placed some weeks ago – AND last week Dan only went and made a flipping pie! It was a joint effort with him making the pastry and I the filling.

And yes it was fantastic, but what a palaver! I’m more than happy to let the others take the strain.

We have lots of delicious food at QVC. It may help to ease the strain of the constant food preparation during this time.

One of the things I’m so terrifically happy about at the moment is when I hear that my smile may have lifted someone’s day or their mood, even just momentarily.

Having looked through all my pictures to find some you may like, I came across one that I posted last week. My gorgeous Gus, smiling just perfectly at the camera.

I figured this, plus my daughter’s beautiful teeth (that were photographed as part of her GCSE art exam) were a brilliant little way to tell you quickly that Lab have a great offer on Tuesday with a teeth whitening kit as our TSV!

They are made with minimal peroxide, so forget discomfort and sensitivities and say ‘hello!’ and ‘cheese!’ in a matter of only a couple of hours!!! I know, how amazing is that?!

I definitely want teeth like that… Maddies’, not Gussies’, I mean! Although, both smiles lift my heart, regardless.

I hope you can join me on air at QVC this Monday, Tuesday and at the weekend where smiles are completely guaranteed.

Otherwise, keep in touch with me here and on my Instagram and Twitter. I always try my best to chat back.

Huge love to you all (oh, and competition time in my next blog!).

Claire xxx

12 Responses

  1. Hi Claire,

    Great blog as always.

    Lovely photo of Gus. It reminded me when my lovely dog Beauty many ,many years ago was panting and my five year old niece said “why us Beauty laughing at me”. Oh how I laughed. It was well over 30 years ago but I never forgot it.

    Take care.


  2. Hiya Claire
    Love the saying comparison is the thief of joy, not heard of it before.

    Stay safe and sane

    1. Hi Carrie,
      Doesn’t it sum it up perfectly…and a great one to remember , cos I don’t know about you but oh how it sneaks up and sneaks in !!! At least awareness of it is a good step !
      Much love and hope you are healthily manoeuvring your way through this tricky time
      Claire xx

  3. Hi Claire,
    Thank you for being the sunshine on a dull day. You keep me and mum and grandma company, every day we watch qvc. Mum’s disabled, grandma is frail and I’ve been poorly almost a year now ( we’re pro’s at staying indoors 😉 )
    You always make us smile and for that we are so grateful. We are so thankful for qvc and that all the presenters continue to go on air. You are all doing so much good for all the viewers. We’ve been qvc fans from day one, I have grown up with qvc ( I’ll be 30 this June) and you all feel like old friends in our living room ! We love you Claire and want to say how grateful we are to you for everything you do and for your positivity. Thanks to all the presenters, we don’t feel afraid of what’s happening outside. God bless you all. Thank you for being the light in the darkness. Stay safe, keep well !
    All our love, Elise, mum and grandma xxx

    1. Elise- what a lovely response and gosh Thankyou my lovely – I’m so sorry though you are all indoors and not super fighting fit, but sounds as though you have your positive pants on and are pros at making the best of things 🙂
      Sending you lots of love to all the generations!!
      Claire xx

  4. Thanks Clare, sounds like a great family pulling together if you ignore the sibling rivalry. My daughter is in Canada and her boys like to cook and her youngest (13yrs) has made Chocolate Swiss Roll his specialty, so when it didn’t work last time there was a panic phone call to me wanting to know where had he gone wrong. Nothing really he just cooked it too long!! weird cooker with exposed elements in the bottom, how do you work out which is the hottest part especially when heat is specific as in the Swiss Rolls and bread which her husband and eldest son like to make.
    Love the picture of Gus what a super looking fellow he is, we only had black labs, all adorable though.
    Thank you once again look forward to your next blog.
    Linda G

    1. Hi Linda,
      Oh we are such a black lab family too, our first girl was a black lab, all my brother in laws and mother in laws were black then we thought a change was needed for us as Mungo had been such a special dog and irreplaceable so Golden, reddy we went !!
      I’m impressed with the Swiss roll making , I can do a Delia , fat less one which usually works. I’m cooking more and baking a bit but still can not admit to loving it!!!
      Maddie is aiming for Foccacia bread next week apparently …let’s hope my Kitchen aid doesn’t go strange on us as it was a bit odd when I made pizza dough last week …!!!! eeeek !
      Hoping you are keeping well and managing alright Linda,
      Sending love,
      Claire x

  5. Yes Claire laughing is good right now.

    Here is another memory which was my niece’s brother saying to my brother in law at around 5 years “why have you got worms in your arms?!

    He was in fact referring to his veins. It is so funny what children come out with.

    Keep safe.

    1. I love that!! Oh how funny and so very observant of him!
      Joe my middle one used to say “Oh it’s so wiffy out there” meaning foggy …always brings a smile !
      Take Care
      Claire xx

  6. Hi Claire. So sorry to learn you have left QVC … You were excellent and always happy .. You will be missed .. I wish you and family a very happy safe and healthy new year . Hopefully we shall see you again on TV .. warmest regards Shirley R.

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