Mother-daughter day out and so many fab offers!

So, who’s heard of ‘human design’???

No, me neither… but now I have, and now I wanna know more! I went on a course to find out more and it turns out I’m a Generator. It’s my job to have fun, to show others and to enjoy life.

When we live to our natural ‘designs’, then we are satisfied, but when we are not listening to our gut… frustration kicks in. As a pure Generator, my strong instinct is the “hell, yeah!” versus “no!!!”. I’m finding I’m so much more open to all the marvelous things I’m coming across and eager to learn more, so that’s on my ‘to investigate further’ list.

This coming week I shall have a Cranial appointment, an Amatsu treatment and a nail appointment. It’s all about me… and that’s a good thing (or so I keep being told!), particularly when some days or nights are not my own. Tonight was an ‘in, out, in, out shake it all about’ kind of taxi service for everyone, whilst Dan has done an extra days work effectively this evening in the loft, which is still blummin’ well going on.

I am now so desperate for a new rug in the hall as it’s beyond grubby. It’s making me even more relieved that we wrapped the stairs in a sticky cling film protective thing – three lots of it now as it’s gone on and on, but hopefully we are closer now as there is a lot of activity happening up there in the next few days.

I’m trying to book into some good stuff for us all to look forward to, so I’ve just bought tickets for Tina the Musical, which I hope everyone will love.

Although, I think the jury is still out on that one. It’s interesting, isn’t it… weekends come and go, and when it’s finally here there’s an empty one, and when I have plans to fill it with fabulous things, suddenly I hear: “Oh, I was planning to do/go to (insert any excuse you can think of!), at what stage do our offspring tell and not ask I wonder?

Anyway, as much as I’d always hope to accommodate the children’s needs and wants, on this occasion I’m standing my ground… so, it’s Tina the Musical and dinner afterwards…

Maddie and I had a lovely day in London together, just the two of us. We had a rather pink afternoon tea at EL&N, which is a very sweet floral cafe, and a tiny wander around the shops. Neither of us are typical shoppers in the physical sense… I think we both prefer a more comfortable experience!

I was actually quite relieved I had let the boys off the hook as it would not have floated their boats, for sure! Just a little (a lot) too pink!

So what newness and fresh things are in our world of QVC… well, I came home from QVC with such a BRILLIANT little gadget by LifePrint (519931), which will be one of next week’s Big Deals…

The package was ripped open in a millisecond by Maddie, who was very excited and impatiently waiting for it to charge. It’s a Bluetooth printer which prints all your pictures straight from your phone. So you can print Snapchats, Instagram pictures and even videos that move like magic before your eyes… the works!

They’re so cute, we had fun printing things out, especially as Maddie has started to cover one of her walls in pictures and photos etc. with no space between. It looks amazing , especially as she’s doing it tonally, so she printed a few of these little beauties from our lovely day out together…

Here are a few other things I’ve been loving this week…

What I’ve been wearing this week:
Jumpers! I’m not hot-flushing, so woohoo the jumpers are out! Which reminds me, there is an offer for online Fashion purchases of an extra 15% off if you pop the code FASH15 in the checkout. You’ll get an extra 15% off full-priced items (Easy Pay interest-free instalments are not valid with the deal, so weigh up which you’d prefer… money off, I reckon!)

What I’ve been eating:
Vegetables! My new local delivery services is working well.

What I’ve been feeling:
Sad/happy. Don’t panic! That’s normal life, right?!

What I’ve been buying from QVC:
The silk pillow and eye mask gift set from Beauty Sleep, boots… to mention just a few.

I still want the blue Rino & Pelle faux fur coat but Dan may divorce me!!! (Ok, so update…I did buy it!!! Willpower: zero… ‘twas only left in size 14 but I fancied it looking a little oversized, so I shall assess once it’s mine!).

I just told Jackie Kabler, and it seems she has it too!!!! What is it about coats at the moment .. I also fell in love with one in Liberty when Maddie and I had our day in London together…


What I’ve been putting on the old visage:
I’m properly trialing the GloPro. I’m also using Alpah-H on alternate nights and of course my faithful Elemis, Decleor and Liz Earle. Remember all beauty currently has a reduced P&P of £1.95!

I’m due a colour root and refresh… cripes, the brunette I once was has disappeared for sure, I wonder what my percentage of grey is!

I am getting more and more adept and proficient and most importantly speedy with my Dyson Airwrap these days. It’s a more casual curl I can achieve and I probably nail it in 12 minutes I think now.I was pleased to see we currently have it in stock with FOUR interest-free instalments and no P&P to boot!

Oh, and I cannot and would not ever be without Elasticizer. I know, I know, it’s often mentioned on my blog, but I love it and so do many of you. So, just a heads up it has six interest-free instalments on it, so a perfect time to try with just £1.95 P&P for the huge litre size!

And make-up wise:
I’ve been reminded to bronze following a lovely Benefit show with Lisa Potter Dixon, where she discussed the power of it. Not forgetting blush, which I would never go without, but it’s so true, bronzer can really waken you up.

As can this weather! It really wakens you up when it’s frosty and cold, but sunny and dry? Now that’s a perfect day for a walk… I hope you are able to get out and enjoy the fabulous days when they are here (so much nicer than the rain-sodden ones we get sometimes).

I wonder if it will it be a white Christmas? Whatever the colour, white, grey or otherwise, we can certainly have warm dry tootsies whatever the weather, as Emu on Friday will be our Today’s Special Value launching at 9pm Thursday and all day Friday.

The super offer is for a fabulous pair of hiking style boots from Emu called the Explorer Biricet lace-up boots. Stylish, cosy and warm, they’re perfect for whatever the weather throws at us!

Right , I must get away, there’s a vast amount of ‘office stuff’ to wade through and it will not wait… end of year and all that…

Lots of love for now,

Claire xx

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  1. Stunning girls claire! Maddie is so beautiful and so grown up. Enjoy Christmas and thanks for sharing your real emotions. Makes us all feel we’re not alone!x

  2. Claire, what a lovely blog. Your daughter is beautiful and looks just like her Mum. Looks as though you had a fab time in London together, the cakes look very yummy! Naughty but nice! Hope you had a lovely Christmas with the family? Perhaps some photos on your next blog?

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