The power of words

Letters Live… well I was utterly blown away this week. I love letters and I love writing and reading so to be given the opportunity to go and see letters live at Southbank with Maddie my daughter, two of my very best friends and their daughters was indeed a treat.

Maddie and I held hands, cried a little and laughed during the performances, she said at the end: “that is the best thing I have ever seen” – not bad from a 15 year old!

Letters Live is a celebration of the enduring power of literary correspondence and one of the joys of the event is that you have no idea who is going to be reading on stage, or indeed what letter they are going to be bringing alive. It is so powerful, thought-provoking and so emotional in parts.

It was March 8th International women’s day and the audience was certainly full of women; it felt very special. It was set up in 2013 at the Tabernacle in London, with a goal to share remarkable letters written over the centuries and from around the world.

At our inspiring event at WOW (Women of the World at London Southbank Centre) Sally Phillips, Meera Syal, Amanda Abbington, Louise Brealey, Olivia Coleman, Jordan Stephens, Daisy Ridley, Rose McGowan and Ncuti Gatwa read, and Amyra performed a musical piece. If you can find the chance to go PLEASE PLEASE do, look up Letters Live and see when the next event will be, it was a truly incredible experience.

Being among my spectacular friends and their daughters, partaking in Prêt-à-Porter the Couture Cakewalk Afternoon Tea at The Berkeley together before Letters Live felt a complete privilege, and to drive home listening to debates in the car, to raucous laughter and singing and hear ‘views on serious and crazy things, while all sharing a bond of love and shared experience was truly magical, a day to be grateful for.

So that was my stand-out moment for this blog for sure, though you know me I’m always on the lookout for the little things that we may take for granted, I’m noticing more and more the smallest things, it’s a great exercise and one I can highly recommend as a praise in appreciating one’s life more.

Speaking of appreciating one’s life more, I finally managed to deliver a large bag of clothes, coats etc that I had been collecting to pass onto a charity nearby who are doing amazing things. Having passed over the bag and coming home, I received a thank you message from the lady who  who made ME feel amazing with her words, yet SHE is the amazing lady who is doing all the work…. it struck me again, aren’t words powerful? Let’s all endeavour to use them wisely, lavishly and most importantly kindly.

I’ve had some super shows at QVC recently, our offers and choices just keep on giving, with fun and education being provided in equal measure! I won’t name all my fab guests or co-hosts but suffice to say it’s a joy!

So what’s ‘hot stuff’ at QVC right now? Well, without a doubt hand cream galore is needed to combat our rigorous hand washing, I’ve looked and we have top-rated L’Occitane one, a favourite of mine for for years in a number of options and flavours. Lulu’s Time Bomb also offer a fantastic hand treatment. Both brand offerings are in stock along with many other brands, so it’s well worth a look.

Mother’s Day is approaching, and if you fancy an alternative to real flowers then a Peony bouquet could be a lovely alternative. They are so long-lasting, so be prepared to think of something else next year! I rather like the look of this real-touch tulips collection with faux ranunculas and astranthia, but honestly there are so many choices on our website.

In other news, Maddie’s prom is looming! The dress is being altered to fit as she’d like it super figure-hugging at the bottom and fishtailing slightly, it is gorgeous and she’s excited.

Luckily I grabbed it when it was reduced and she’s wearing her shoes from when she was a bridesmaid, so I am happy to buy a little clutch bag for her. The trouble is she doesn’t love my choices! But I’m ear-marking this lovely gold-coloured simple clutch by Radley for her, which I think will be perfect and I can borrow it afterwards!

I on the other hand, am lusting after the Amanda Wakeley bags in the Gold Weave. It’s so divine, but no way for Maddie, regardless of how many jobs she does for me! We are hoping she will be snapped up for baby sitting as the wish list of trainers, clothes, make-up bits etc is ever-growing!

We are still awaiting summer aren’t we, but to help us on our way and actually great for coverage etc while we wait, Renee Greenstein has her fantastic TSV of two maxi dresses coming on Monday with so many lovely prints and colour ways to choose from.

The plain colour dress has an elbow sleeve length is super flattering and comes partnered up with the corresponding printed sleeveless dress. I do love the animal print, which comes with classic black, but the tomato red colour Renee brings is always fabulous and will be striking and empowering to wear I reckon, but oooooh… the tropical print, which again teams up with a black dress in the plain, looks delicious, fun and perky – and we all need a little fun in our fashion to get us through sometimes don’t we?!

I do hope you are all staying healthy and strong and washing those hands well, I had to laugh as I was singing ‘Happy Birthday to me’ twice over in the loo at work (the recommended time to wash our hands) I came out to squeals from Jackie and Ali thinking it WAS my actual birthday! Still a couple more weeks away for mine, though Ali and Kathy are racing toward their very special days…

March truly is a marvelous month.

Much love to you all,

Claire x

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  1. It certainly sounds like you had a great day out, Claire! Since you like letters so much you have probably already heard of them, but, in case not, I can highly recommend a two volume set of books called “Letters of Note:Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience” by Shaun Usher. They are collections of over 100 letters (in each) from the likes of Virginia Woolf, Churchill, da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Elvis Presley, JFK, Katharine Hepburn, Mick Jagger, Abraham Lincoln, Beatrix Potter and on and on and on. I find them absolutely riveting and they are the perfect books to dip in and out of. Check them out!!

  2. Hi Claire

    Such a lovely blog about Letters Live and sharing it with your Maddie too. Special and precious for sure.

    I just think of the power and impact of the written word. Made me think of all the letters and cards I keep that my gorgeous mum wrote to me. Every one still speaks to me in so many ways, especially since she is no longer with us.

    Gifts she bought for me are special and precious, but most precious of all are her words on paper. Full of love and wisdom!! All resonate and bring such comfort as I hear her voice through every word…

    I have little notes from my children and grandchildren too that still speak love to me as I m sure you do!! Priceless every one…

    I also have a battered old toffee tin, no idea how old it is, but it holds letters sent from my dad and uncles when they were away at war 80 plus years ago. Written to Dear Mam or Dear Father telling them Not to worry etc…words of reassurance and hope. Always hope…. Speaking of home, sometimes in code!!

    The Bible also is another great source of poetry, guidance love and Message containing many accounts and letters.

    Keep writing I say and sending notes especially in these days to lift the soul. Chicken soup for the soul!!!

    Thank you again Claire for sharing that lovely inspiring blog.. And passing on that love of letters to you Maddie. She will be all the richer for it and she is truly blessed to have a mum like you….

    God Bless Claire

    Lots and lots of love. ke e e ep writing!!

    Christine xxxxx

  3. hi Claire you done a footwear show with Evey and she had on an a amazzzzing black shirt and trousers with a white strip – you stated you needed to know where she got them – did you find out please ??? Thanks

    shirt and trousers with a white stripe

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