Today’s Ashwood TSV and what’s in my handbag…?

New year, new handbag…

New Year… same old rubbish carried around in mine!!!

Never ceases to amuse me and yes I think I’ve blogged similarly before, but it’s ‘Handbag Challenge’ once again! So hold your breath!

But, before I begin, Happy New Year to you all. I do hope it’s been lovely so far. Perhaps not the best choice of words for January – hopefully it’s all normal and unspoiled by things.

If not that, then hopefully you are coping with this wet month. I have to say, I have seen some fabulously inspiring, lovely, lovely things floating around on social media regarding ‘Canuary’ and obviously loads about Veganuary, neither of which I can profess to doing. I’m on the hunker down and Getthroughuary!!! How about you?

Nothing dramatic, but I hasten to add just a feeling of far too many tabs open (like a computer ) and just like the computer, I feel I’m going slow.

And my inability to exercise after this walloping virus/flu malarkey probably hasn’t helped the general mood, but I have a day in my diary marked to DO NOTHING! It’s when I turn the page, so that’ll be smashing! Of course I’ll do something, it’s just right now there are no ‘absolute must-have to do’ stuff!

Now, back to my handbag chatter… release breath!


Here’s MY current extra load of stuff I’m carting around… it does make me laugh…

  • Wallet
  • Tangle Teezer
  • Nail varnishes, all Nails Inc
  • Lemon oil
  • Glasses case
  • Reading glasses… not in the case!
  • Fridge magnets
  • Car parking permit for QVC
  • Tape measure
  • Earphones
  • Charger, minus it’s wires, so pointless carrying around!
  • Set of keys
  • Benefit mascara
  • L’occitane hand cream
  • Bag of fabric for colour matching
  • Chewing gums… NOT in packet… nice !
  • Pain relief tablets
  • Migraine tablet doses
  • Pairs of earrings (QVC product… does that count as stealing?! at least I’ve found them!!)
  • Pens
  • Packet of tissues
  • Roller clip
  • Silver bag of girlie bits plus
  • Hairbands
  • La Tweez tweezers
  • Spare daith piercing in case mine comes out
  • Bareminerals lippies
  • Throat sweets
  • A handful of loose vitamins
  • … and 7p… I’M RICH !

Now, clearly that is not all needed and will not be transferred into this sleek and delightful cross-body bag of dreams. With its padded chevrons and immaculate stitching.

It’s a moment to cherish the filling carefully of the new best friend… may I introduce Clara from Ashwood.


It’s not quite Claire… but close enough for me to feel she’s me!!

She projects a well turned out exterior …

She stands on her own…

She’s medium sized! And she’s all about the detail.

She’s rather glam, bright and vivacious or calm and gentle… yup, I can be both.

… she’s me in a handbag !!

Clara will be coming to your screens in all her glory, for TODAY’S TSV. I for one will be super happily showing her off.

Huge love, and I’ll be back with a proper catch up – as soon as I can close some other tabs!!!

Claire xxxx

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  1. Belated Happy New Year to you too. You have all my sympathy, I had flu two years ago, it wiped me out for the whole of January & for months after I still felt chilly, I’d never felt the cold before & it was very strange. Are you going to take a pick me up? There are lots available but my suggestion is champagne, not just good for you but tastes delicious. I’ve got shingles, same place that I had it nearly 35 years ago, then I’d had a baby & moved house, all within six weeks, so I could understand being slightly frazzled, even if she was the most contented child ever born. However, I’m in good health so have no idea why I’ve succumbed to this pesky virus & the patches are beyond sore. Your handbag list is long but with a few exceptions similar to what most busy working women & mums have in their bags, however, the fridge magnets did amuse me as did the half charger. When I worked my bag was Le Pliage with all the small items in the pockets & a smaller bag to keep them together. The most things I ever carried was 76, that was counting all the individual bits & pieces but not every painkiller or plaster..! I love my bags, vacuum out the two I use every week, currently both Radley & both black, & I keep them in a storage bench. Love from Jo x

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