A New Year, a New Decade and a healthy outlook!

Hello, and a very happy New Year!

This is my first blog of the New Year and indeed of the new decade, and I feel really excited and positive about the year ahead.

I think the last couple of years have felt rather upside down, so I hope now that we can come together, that we can look after ourselves and also each other, in a world that seems to spin ever faster.

How was your Christmas? I had a wonderful couple of days with my family in Bristol. Being with my sister and my nieces is always pure joy.

This year we enjoyed (as well as turkey and gammon) a couple of Christmas pies from The Real Pie Company. It was a lovely Christmas addition, and so much easier to prepare too!

It was quite a short trip to Bristol as I was working on Boxing Day and on the 27th of December, but it was fun to get back to work and to do the sale shows which are always very busy.

Then, I was away for a few days over the New Year. I went on a retreat once again with my dear friend Emma, in a group of ten fellow yogis seeking a good stretch, some quiet time and wholesome food.

We enjoyed walks on the South Downs – a wonderful way to blow away the cobwebs and get ready for the New Year.

You can see some photos of the retreat here, and I would do the same thing again next year. In fact, it’s becoming something of a tradition for Emma and I!

So, as you can imagine here at QVC, there are lots of ways to start thinking about feeling healthier for the new year. Part of the QVC website is going to be dedicated to health and well-being, with shows hosted by myself, along with Chloe, Julia, Catherine and Ali Young.

I did a shoot before Christmas to promote the event, and here are two of photos. I hope they inspire you to think about your health as they have mine!

There’s a couple of things I’m really excited to tell you about in my ‘Focus on Fitness‘ and ‘Supplement your Health’ show today.

Regarding fitness, we have the brilliant Cubii back on QVC UK. This was something I launched last year with fitness legend Carrie Wightman – it’s a way of exercising seated whilst you’re at your desk, or even relaxing in an armchair.

It’s comfortable, smooth and really enjoyable to use, and it’s a wonderful way of either starting gently with exercise or adding to what you already do.

And in my ’Supplement your Health’ show, we have a new brand called Dr Seaweed, with a product called Weed and Wonderful – an organic, Scottish seaweed supplement that supports the normal function of thyroid health, metabolism and even cognitive function.

I will be meeting Dr Seaweed himself and telling you all about this exciting new supplement and the benefits it can bring. Perhaps this is something you want to try this new year, and see if it can make a difference?

Looking ahead to next month, we have a really exciting Big Deal coming up from a brand called ‘8G Greens’. It’s a wonderful way of getting your daily greens in easy-to-use, fizzing tablets that make for delicious drinks; or you can add it to various foods such as soups, smoothies and even chocolate brownies!

I have started trialing the 8G range, so I’ll be telling you more about it nearer the time, but do keep an eye out on my blog and Instagram for more details.

So that’s it for now with my first blog of the year. I wish you all a wonderful, happy, healthy 2020, and I look forward to spending more time with you on QVC, here on my blog, and of course, on my Instagram – and have a great great evening!

Big New Year hugs,

Craig XX


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