Bake fever, Black Pepper and the most unscary Halloween outfit ever!

Hello, and welcome to my first blog of November.

I hope you’re keeping well and staying warm. I always know winter is here when I finally give up and put on the central heating; and when I change from high thread count cotton sheets to my beloved Northern Nights flannel!

So, a few things to share this week.

Firstly, I will be launching the final KitchenAid Today’s Special Value offer of the year this Thursday at 9pm and midnight, with Ed Kimber, the winner of the first series of The Great British Bake Off, which was (can you believe it?) 10 years ago!

It’s the Artisan Stand Mixer in a choice of gorgeous colours and on easy payments, so you can spread the cost if you are feeling inspired after watching the recent series and want a helping hand for Christmas.

Then, this Friday at 6pm I have a Molton Brown show with wonderful Jemma Forte. My favourite aromatics are Black pepper and Eucalyptus  – these were recently available in a super-size, but typical me I was too slow off the mark and they are now sold out!

Fingers crossed they will come back before Christmas, and in the meantime if you want to stock up or get presents there is a huge choice of Molton Brown on the QVC website. To see it just click here. 

On Sunday evening it’s time for a Cozee Home Today’s Special Value offer that I will be launching with Deborah Leigh. It’s a sumptuous filled throw so you get the softness and cosiness you’d expect, but with the added extra warmth from the decadent fill.

This will work as beautifully on the bed as it will when you’re cosying up watching Christmas movies on the sofa. There is a range of wonderful colours too!

Finally, I went to a fancy dress party last weekend with some friends from QVC.  I hadn’t put two and two together when I accepted the invitation that it was a party for Halloween!

I don’t normally celebrate Halloween as I find it all a bit scary, but having accepted the invitation I embraced the opportunity.

However, instead of going as a ghost or a zombie, I took inspiration from 80s fitness guru Mr Motivator and dressed up in that style!

It was great fun and everybody loved the outfit. Check out my Instagram video here, where you can see the big reveal!

Thank you for reading my blog, and see you soon.

Big hugs as always,

Craig XX

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  1. Your instagram post is amazing!! I particularly enjoy the guy behind you getting into character! Looks like you had a great time!

    Love Amy

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