Being an IT Boy, a brilliant Dyson offer and garden dancing!

Hello! I hope this blog finds you keeping safe and well.

Last week I went to visit my friend and colleague Alex Kramer for a get together in her garden. I hadn’t seen her children for a long time, so I turned up with a bag of goodies for them.

Then, while Alex and I caught up, the kids were playing in the paddling pool and trampoline and, of course, I had to get involved. I was slightly scaring myself with how high I was jumping! I also bought them a dancing ribbon and began a little dance around the garden using the said-ribbon, much to the kids’ amusement!

Now, onto beauty. It’s official: I’m an ‘IT boy‘. I launched IT Cosmetics at a social media event when the brand first came to the UK, and this month at QVC the Beauty Pick of the Month is the iconic CC+ cream.

There are an ever increasing choice of shades and the ones I wear on-air are Rich Honey or Deep (depending how much I’ve been in the sun). It’s so natural-looking and works as your skincare, primer and make-up in one. Be sure to take advantage of the lower price and zero postage offer before the end of August.

This Saturday at QVC, there’s an exciting Dyson TSV offer for the Hot + Cool AM09 Purifying Fan Heater (TSV sku: 804130). I had the previous version and found it brilliant for the summer to help keep the living room, kitchen or bedroom cool for comfortable living, as well as cooking and sleeping and in the winter to keep the room I am in toasty and warm.

This new model is even better because you can have directional cooling or warming, or you can have a fan-style that radiates warmth or cool across the whole room. There is also a really useful timer function, oscillating mode and tilt to get the warm or cool out exactly where you want it. I’ve been loving trying it out, as you can see in the pics.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday for my Fashion and Jewellery shows on QVC Style, then Gardening and Tech show on Saturday – including the aforementioned Dyson as the Todays Special Value (804130).

Stay well and big hugs as always.

Craig xx

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  1. Hi Craig,
    You’re looking well and sounding well. Are you still making smoothies? Could you post any for us?
    Alex’s garden is gorgeous isn’t it. Looks like you had lots of fun! Hope your own family are well.
    Can’t say I’ll be investing in the fan. No need here and also soo expensive. Hope that qvc do cheaper shoes and clothes over the autumn winter. All getting far too pricey. Take care x

  2. Hi Craig

    It’s always good to see you on the Q with your sunny smile, it makes my day and it makes the programmes fun especially when you get the giggles.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer


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