Birthdays, travel and Theragun!

Hello, hope you are well and thanks so much for reading my blog.

I’ve not been at QVC for a few weeks as I have been away using up some leave and doing some travel. I was actually supposed to be back for a week in early September but after a positive Covid test after travel I had to isolate for 10 days. Luckily I had no symptoms whatsoever for which I felt very lucky/grateful/blessed!

Whilst I was away it was my birthday, and the group I was with organised a lovely cake, the restaurant had a band that sang ‘Happy Birthday’ in Spanish, and I had a really lovely day and evening.

Just before I went away I was able to spend some time with Paul and visit the Bermondsey Street Festival, an annual festival in the area I live which is always great fun. You can see us in the main stage area enjoying (or not!) the heavy metal band (rather a strange choice for a summer festival but nonetheless….)

I will back at QVC on Monday 4th October, and I’m really excited to be back on the day we have a great offer on the Theragun Mini. I have not been able to try it since I’ve not been there, but I love my full size Theragun, its so great for easing tension all over the body and I particularly love it if I am feeling a bit stiff after exercise or simply feeling a bit tense. I also use it on my feet after standing a lot and on my forearms after hours of typing on a keyboard. Here’s some photos of me using mine, its not the same model but you get the idea of it and the Mini will be even more agile and portable!

I have other wonderful shows the week I am back, including Kipling at 11am on Monday (I’ve decided I need a Kipling bag with good organisation after a major panic in the airport thinking I’d lost all my documents!), three hours of fashion for the Fashion Event on Tuesday 5th and Christmas-inspired shows on Thursday 7th.

Finally, have you tired the Skinsense range at QVC? I’m a fan of the Hydranet Collection from Skinsense and have been using it whilst I have been away. The leave-on mask is great after travel, less sleep or being in the sun and has really given my skin a boost. You can see me using it here, and yes it looks patchy but that’s the product sinking into the my skin where it needs it most!

Big big hugs and see you on Monday!

Craig x

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  1. Yay!

    I missed the Morning Show this morning, but glad to hear that your back on our screens. It’s not been the same without you.

  2. Welcome back!…Lovely photos Craig! Pleased you are now fit and well!… and you had a great birthday… totally agree with you about the massage gun! its help me with a Handspring and Hip issue!!!

    Take care,

    Lix x

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