Dizzy heights, staying cool & Greek beauty

Thanks for reading my blog and hope this finds you well.

This last weekend my colleague and friend Alex and I went for a long overdue lunch at a wonderful restaurant in London called Seabird, a seafood restaurant with an amazing view over London, you can see us here enjoying some cocktails before our meal. It was great to catch up and as well as colleagues at QVC we have been friends for 20 years so always lots to giggle about.

If you have been finding these days (and nights) too muggy you might want to check out an offer we have coming up on QVC on Friday 6th August. It’s the Dyson AM09 Hot and Cool Fan Heater. You can use it on these hot days to keep your cool and as well as being beautifully designed it’s got a handy timer and great functions such as changing the direction for personal cooling or to cover a whole room. And in the colder months you will use it as heater too!

Then on Sunday 8th August we have a wonderful offer from Korres, its called the Hydrate, Plump and Replenish Collection and as well as their wonderful body cleanser and body butter there is a brand new in-shower serum which you can use along side your body cleanser to really lock in moisture and radiance.

There are also new aromatics and I’ve been lucky enough to try out the Bergamot pear one – really refreshing, uplifting and comforting. Be sure to join me for my 2pm Korres show on Sunday 8th August.

Until then sending you big hugs as always,

Craig xx

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