Easy peasy greens, February fitness and Eilidh is back!

Hello, and thank you for reading my first blog of February.

How are you, and how is your year going so far? My year has been good (a couple of bumps in the road, but that’s life right?) and I’m enjoying 2020. January has been a time to catch up with myself: to do some yoga, some more exercise, and to take a step back from being quite so social. It’s been a time to reset and rejuvenate.

So, for my first blog of February, I have a few things to share with you.

Easy Peasy Greens. Next week at QVC we have a Big Deal to help you ensure you get your greens everyday. It’s a effervescent tablet called ‘8Greens’ developed by Dawn Russell, a hugely inspirational former model turned writer and health coach.

After 263 prototypes and five years of testing, 8Greens was created. I have been taking it since the start of the year, and I must admit I feel so much better for it.

My energy levels are good, I feel well and it’s wonderful knowing that if I am not able to eat as well as I’d like to (from being busy or working shifts) at least I can get my daily dose of greens in a really delicious drink.

On the subject of health, I am on a health plan at the moment,  four weeks into a ten week program. I have really changed how I’m eating and doing lots more heart pumping exercise. I had let myself slip into old habits towards the end of last year, eating too much sugar and not moving enough – so now its time to rectify that!

Yesterday, I did a 5 km run along the Thames, and you can see my jubilant expression when I finished just by Tower Bridge.

At home I continue to add finishing touches to my flat, one of them a recent purchase from the Alison Cork range at QVC. Take a look at this beautiful faux cheese plant in an eastern style vase. I’ve had so many comments from neighbours and friends admiring the vase and thinking the cheese plant is real.

Also, some exciting news: we have a Cozee Home Today’s Special Value offer on Friday. It’s a two-tone rug with a combination of block colours in an internal rectangle, a key look in interiors at the moment.

I tried out the two-tone dark and light grey (surprise surprise), and it adds warmth and texture to my living room. It also feels heavenly to step onto it from the bed instead of a cold floor! Find out more with myself and Debra on Friday.

And finally – yes, she’s back! Eilidh returns to QVC later this week after being on maternity leave. You’ll  see her on a Facebook Lives soon with her baby son Beau, and we’re all excited to have her back (especially me, I’ve really missed her!)

I hope my blog has inspired you to have a positive February and to look after yourself, and I’ll see you on QVC TV soon. Don’t forget, you can connect with me on Instagram too.

Big hugs always,

Craig xx

2 Responses

  1. Hi Craig

    Looking forward to seeing the demos and trying the 8Greens. How do they differ from the effervescent tablets from Prime Fifty, which I have taken in the passed but stopped taking as I have other Prime Fifty supplements and was getting enough vitamins from the items I have already.
    I love the idea of getting my 5 a day from a tablet.
    Will these be any different???
    Look forward to the shows Craig.
    Lots of love Theresa xx

  2. you always inspire me good or bad and with all the goodies foodies show you did leading up to Christmas well with all the advice I have looked to you to inspire me to be heathy and I am on my way I have lost weight increase my walking with purpose as I live wales plenty of hills ha=ha even tho I have poor health s. l. e. lupus plus [ feel that I have more energy I love seeing you and the other presenters on q. v. c. and all the wonderful advice I am kitted out makeup, skincare from Alison and Keeley so on the 15 feb 2020 my niece wedding family home from Australia and I give you and the rest of all you fun presenters a big thank-you looking forward to going and my Husband said I am looking great. I love reading your blog. x Pamela

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