Fragrance, flowers and Molton Brown

Hello and welcome back to my blog. This week, there’s a bit of a fragrance theme, in that I want to celebrate spring being on the way and two great offers at QVC.

Firstly, have a look at this picture I took recently in Crystal Palace park – a beautiful carpet of crocus in a gorgeous violet colour. Such a joy to see them on a cold Sunday morning looking so cheery and bright with the promise that spring is on the way.

Talking of spring, how about a wonderful collection of Molton Brown to celebrate the new season? We have a brilliant offer this coming Saturday, 6th March and I’ll be hosting the 11am Saturday morning show with Jemma to show you the collection.  There is a choice of either Fresh or Floral fragrances in unique packaging especially for QVC viewers. Take a look at these short videos where I un-box each of the collections. I purposely didn’t look at any details about the collection, so what you see in the video is my authentic reaction to what you get. 

Fresh option

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Floral option

Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page

It’s going to be a great Molton Brown day, see you on Saturday 11am!

Then, on Sunday, we have a Today’s Special Value from Thompson & Morgan. It’s a collection of three geraniums in a striking pink shade, which come with a tower planter, ready to go straight into the garden and bloom from June to October. Thompson & Morgan is such a brilliant range, so join myself and our Thompson & Morgan expert for my shows on Sunday.

As you know, I am on a health kick at the moment and as well as eating well, I’m also been making some delicious protein shakes by combining protein powder with almond milk and other ingredients. The one you can see here in the picture is a carrot cake shake where I also add carrot, orange and pecans. It reminds me of the Jamaican carrot juice my dad used to make me when I was a kid (although that also had Guinness and condensed milk in it, which I never really liked!) However, this shake is delicious!

Finally, do check out my colleague and friend Charlie Brook’s new design for Diamonique, you can see pictures and a video here, where he shares his inspiration for his brand new design.

That’s it for this week, sending you big hugs as always and stay well, 

Craig xx

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  1. Hi!
    Thank you so much for the Molton Brown TSV videos, I have been mulling over buying one of these, I missed out on the Christmas Molton Brown TSV because I had been furloughed and with the expense of the festive season the funds were not available, but this is a brand I’ve always wanted to try…but which should I go for?

    I remember you unboxing both selections of the Christmas TSV and if you have had to replenish your bath products within a few weeks of stocking up with several bottles of this brand it shows that the products do not last very long, and are not great value for money, which is a shame because I’m sure they smell wonderful.

    Thank’s again, but it’s a no from me, I won’t be purchasing.

    1. Hi Susan.

      I’ve not watched Craig’s videos yet so can’t comment on them. But I do use Molton Brown and can tell you that you don’t need to use much at all to get a good lather. So as for running out after a few weeks, I can only assume that Craig is rather generous with his amounts!
      I always wanted to try Molton Brown like yourself, but thought it was rather pricey. However, now I’ve tried various shower gels and hand washes, and they are absolutely lovely. I now won’t use any other hand soap apart from this.
      In terms of which one to go for, I would say if you are more of a feminine fragrance kind of girl, then go for floral.
      For a more clean, just out of the shower smell, go for fresh.
      I think everyone needs a little indulgence at the moment. Give them a try 😊

  2. Enjoyed the videos of Molton Brown and Lovly photo of the flowers, good luck with the health drinks x

  3. I think you may be making an assumption that the purchaser would have used the products themselves. Molton Brown products make very good gifts!

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