Friends, family and exciting offers

Hello and thanks for reading my first December blog.

Apologies I haven’t got round to doing it earlier. I’ve had a really busy start to the month with lots going on – like you, perhaps? It can get rather frantic in December, can’t it?

A few things I’d like to share with you this week.

Firstly, this Sunday 15th December I’ll be hosting the 9am Sunday morning Gift Show, and I’m really excited to show you the latest Amazon Fire Today’s Special Value offer of the year!

A brilliant present idea, but also a really easy to use, good-quality tablet computer for yourself that doesn’t break the bank. Plus, our offer includes a SD card and a case voucher where you can make a case in a design of your choice.

As always the wonderful Lee Hobein will be showing us round it. After the Sunday morning Gift Show do stay with me because at 10 am and midday I have some DIY gift ideas.

They can be wonderful if you’re looking for some more practical presents, or if there are a few jobs around the home you’d like to get done this side of Christmas.

Then on Monday 16th, we have a really exciting IT Cosmetics Today’s Special Value offer that includes two gift boxes that you can use to create bespoke gifts.

It’s a six-piece set that contains the iconic CC cream (I wear shade ‘Deep’), plus one of my favourites, the Bye-Bye pores (great for taking down shine for this Christmas party photos); and the superhero mascara and brow power, in both full-size and special travel gifting size.

I really love working with Rose and that IT Cosmetics team, so I look forward to showing you the collection in the morning show on Monday.

And finally, I’ve been trying to catch up with friends and family before Christmas, so I took a trip down near Guildford to see my friend and former QVC guest Justine, where we had a wonderful time catching up.

I meet her new cat for the first time, and we went for a lovely pub dinner next to the log fire, enjoying the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree.

Also, last weekend I went to Bristol to see my family. Whilst my sister and brother-in-law enjoyed a rare meal out for a friend’s birthday, I was on babysitting duty and had fun with my younger nieces playing games, doing jigsaws and decorating Christmas cookies.

So, that’s it for me this week, but I’ll be back next week to tell you all about my first trip to the north eastern town of Middlesbrough, and also to give you some last minute pressie ideas available at QVC.

Sending big hugs as always,

Craig xx

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  1. Hello Craig… you are visiting the Boro….hope you enjoy your trip. I live a few miles away in another North East town, much prettier than the Boro, and near the Coast. May I say….bring some warm clothes cause its bitter cold up here in the North….Winter is coming !!! Byeee

    1. Hi Sue, ah yes I am thank you so much I will make sure too! Aha I’ll make sure too many layers will be happening, Winters coming and it’s coming hard aha😂thank you Sue!


      Craig xx

  2. Hello Craig….so you are visiting the Boro….enjoy your trip. I live a few miles away in another North Eastern town, near the coast. May I just say,,,,,do pack some warm clothes as it is bitter up here in the North……Winter is coming !!!! Byee

  3. Hello Craig, thank you for your lovely blog. I always enjoy reading them. It’s great that even though you are very busy you still have time to be with your family. Thank you for sharing all your lovely tips as well. I have been busy buying all my gifts from Qvc. Great place to shop. Enjoy the rest of your week. Best wishes. Antoinette

    1. Hello Antoinette, that’s so nice to hear I’m glad you enjoy them thank you 🥰. Yes family always comes first ! Aha I’m so glad to hear Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

      Love, Craig xx

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