Gardening fun, SBC and a trip to the motherland!

Hello, hope you are well and thank you for reading my blog.


Thought I’d share this picture of me and Michael taken just before our garden show at the weekend. I think it encapsulates the fun we have in our shows together. There doesn’t seem to be anything that man doesn’t know about gardening, plants and flowers! If you need any inspiration to get your garden looking great for the rest the summer be sure to check out the gardening part of our website.


There’s also an exciting Today’s Special Value coming up this Saturday from SBC skincare. If you love the Collagen range it’s definitely one not to miss as there is a litre size of the Collagen Gel and Collagen Body Wash, as well as a double size Intensive Moisturiser and iconic Collagen Serum. If you’ve never tried the Collagen range from SBC Skincare it’s a great way to add moisture and hydration to your skin with the added benefits of marine collagen.

I was lucky enough to take a trip to the ‘motherland’;  Wales last week with my family. We were there for a short visit and we got so lucky with the weather!

The two full days we had were warm and sunny so we were able to take the little ones to the beach – it was pure joy to spend time with my nieces frolicking and playing in the sand and sea! And it’s always good to be back in south Wales when my mum was born as I have holidayed there ever since I was a child.

Finally if you are around next Monday (16th of August) we have an exciting Christmassy day where I will be hosting shows for Culinary Concepts, Hotel Chocolat and even a show called the Christmas Grotto. It’s going to be festive and fun and a great way to get a head start for the festive season. I might even wear my Christmas hat again haha!


So that’s it for this week. Sending you a big hug as always,

Craig x

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  1. I soo enjoy your blogs! Indeed what stands out for me, is your zest for life, loving your family! Your partner, just life in general, always a smile.

    Love it, your niece is sooooo very 😊

    1. Hi Tracey, thanks for your message and your kind words, much appreciated.
      I do try and keep a zest for life (not always easy) so its really nice to hear you enjoy my sharing of my stories.

      Stay well and big hugs
      Craig x

  2. Get you in your weekend shorty short shorts!!! Lovely photo, looks like a great day out. Can’t wait for the SBC collagen TSV really is one of my hero pfoducts. Top tip is to add a few drops of Molton Brown Rosa absolute, one of my all time favourites, to the SBC bath soak for an extra luxurious bath time!!

    1. Hi Wendy
      I love that – shorty short shorts – haha!!
      I am a big fan of the collagen range too, i adore the serum and moisturiser 🙂 and thanks for the tip on the SBC collagen bath with a few drops of Rosa Absolute, Ill try that! I do love a bath, could never live anywhere without one!

      Much love
      Craig x

  3. Where in Wales I am lucky enough to own a flat on the beach at Saundersfoot just around the cove from Tenby

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Oh how lovely you have a flat on the beach!
      I was in Mumbles and Swansea where my mum is from, it was great and we had good weather!
      Big hugs
      Craig x

  4. Hi Craig, I wonder if you could help me, I bought a cordless lawn + garden multi -tool system from QVC in 2018 it has not been used very often, I have tried lot’s of places to replace the Battery even QVC in the USA told me they don’t import them now i am stuck with tools that are still new , could you please help me. thank you P S when selling equipment state if spares are available.

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