Getting feet holiday ready and Skechers Apparel launches at QVCUK

Hello and thanks again for reading my blog – I hope you are keeping safe and well.


To start with this week I’d like to share some exciting news that Skechers Apparel which was formally only available widely available in the USA is now here with us at QVCUK!


It’s a great range that Clare Edmondson is now the ambassador of and she’ll be bringing us lots of ideas for wellbeing, fitness and yoga as well as just relaxing in the range when using as loungewear. She’s been sharing lots on Instagram, her handle is: @clare_ed_tv


There is also a selection of Skechers Apparel for men and you can see me here wearing the jogging bottoms, running T-shirt and the really comfortable hooded sweatshirt. You can see the full range here.


Next a quick question: how are your feet looking and feeling? If like me you have rather than neglected them over the last couple of months (and let’s face it sandal-wearing weather has been rather intermittent), then help is at hand from Margaret Dabbs. I really like her formulations I feel from working with her at QVC I have learnt so much about how to look after my feet. 


So I thought I’d share with you a couple of key products that I am using at the moment to get my feet in tiptop shape ready for the upcoming heatwave and hopefully a couple of vacations or staycations!


The first one I’d like to share with you is the Intensive Foot Oil. After you have filed dry clean feet (using the Margaret Dabbs foot file)  then apply a few sprays of the oil liberally liberally all over the foot, it sinks in immediately and you see this wonderful healthy radiance return to the feet even on the most dry, scaly of skin. If my feet are extra dry I’ll follow this with the Margaret Dabbs Foot Lotion


And the next product I am loving at the moment is the new Cracked Heel Treatment which is currently available as a supersize only at QVC. Take a pea-size amount and simply smooth it into the cracks on the heels and you can also use it if there are cracks on the toe or sole area of the foot. It fills in the cracks on the skin and also create a barrier to help prevent further drying out and worsening of the crack. Bring on sandal weather!!


So that’s it for this week. Feel free to keep up with me on my Instagram @CraigroweTV and I’ll see you in a couple of weeks after taking a little time on staycation and/or vacation!


Big hugs, 

Craig x

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