Greek beauty, sleeping well and being patriotic

Hello, and thanks for reading my blog! Quite a few exciting things to share with you this week.

Firstly, we have a wonderful Today’s Special Value from Silent Night this Tuesday (22nd October). It’s an Airmax Topper that will sit on top of your mattress to give you an extra layer of comfort and luxury.

You can see here in the picture that I recently bought a new bed and mattress, and I found that the topper has made the bed even more comfortable.

If you too have a newer mattress, it will extend the life of the mattress, so it’s a good way to protect your investment. In the case of an older mattress that has seen better days, it will give it a new lease of life, so it’s a great way improving your sleep without the big outlay of a new mattress.

Perhaps if you have a maximum budget, this is a great way to give yourself a better nights sleep in the meantime. I will be showing you the Topper with guest Becky Redfern during the day on QVC live.

Then, this Wednesday sees the return of Greek beauty Korres on QVC; wonderful, natural ingredients mainly – and all of it made in Greece. They return to QVC with a wonderful 12-piece Christmas Today’s Special Value. 

It contains a super-size body wash and body butter in their Violet aromatic, and ten travel-size body butters in an assortment of different aromatics including Mango Guava, Yoghurt and Basil Lime.

This is a wonderful set to indulge in and will be great for your skin this winter. It will make an equally wonderful big gift, or one that can be broken up into stocking fillers.

As you have seen in previous blogs, I am rather a fan of the Joules menswear range that we have at QVC. In the picture you can see me wearing one of the rugby shirts that has been designed to celebrate the current Rugby World Cup.

As you can see from the dragon on the pocket, I am wearing the Welsh rugby shirt and it’s available in all four nations of the UK. As my mum is Welsh I thought I would fly the flag for my motherland, and I’m very much looking forward to the next Wales game on Sunday, the 27th of October.

Well, that’s it for this week, apart from to say that next Monday (28th of October) I will again be hosting the Andi Peters food fest.

I am currently covering Dale who is not around for a couple of weeks, and in the meantime I hope you enjoy the fun and frivolity Andy and I have when we’re hosting the show together.

Have you bought any food from QVC? We have a great gourmet selection and even have a stand at the BBC Good Food Show this year! For more details click here. 

Thanks for reading my blog.

Big hugs always,

Craig XX

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