Happy New Year!

Hello and thank you for reading my first blog of 2021 and I do hope you are keeping safe and well. Just like last year’s more difficult moments, this year I hope myself and the QVC family can bring some escapism and comfort as we navigate the new few months.

May I start by wishing you a happy and healthy new year. How did you celebrate Christmas and the end of 2020? My Christmas, like many, was very different than planned: I was due to visit my family in Bristol but due to the last minute change in rules I spent Christmas in London with my partner (who had also had plans changed) and we had a wonderful, quiet, relaxed Christmas.

In the photos you can see some of the more alcohol presents I received including Hotel Chocolat liqueurs (from my neighbour) and 6 o’clock gin (from my mum). We also met my friend Emma and her dog Vera for a Christmas afternoon walk, which was wonderful as here in London it was a beautiful day.

New Year’s Eve was very similar, a quiet night in, (too many) cocktails and dancing round the living room until the small hours. On New Year’s Day we went for a good long cycle around the park.

So, I am now back at QVC and have a really exciting first week back. This Thursday 7th at 9pm I am launching the first big kitchen Today’s Special Value of 2021 – the Ninja Multi-Oven (the product number is 812035). As I haven’t been at work, I haven’t had a chance to use it, but I know Katy Pullinger has had great results using it.

In essence, it’s a brilliant worktop mini oven that bakes, roasts, crisps, air-fries, dehydrates (very en vogue) and can even warm your food and plates! Join myself and wonderful Gail Samways for the launch at 9pm.

Also, in that same hour I will be hosting the final airing of the Judith Williams Today’s Special Value, a wonderful New Year collection of her much loved Life Long Beauty range (the product number is 242113).

Finally, have you heard about something new for 2021 – The Great QVC Giveaway? It’s a really simple way of winning some great prizes AND being in with a chance of winning the BIG prize of £10,000 at the end of January.

All you need to do to qualify is place and order with QVC and the more times you shop the more chances you get to spin the prize wheel – hurrah!! All the details and how to play are right here.

So, that’s it for me for the moment but do keep an eye out for a series of health and wellbeing blogs I will posting this year, too. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on how to stay mentally and physically well, which I hope will be of interest to you.

Much love and big hugs.

Craig xx

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  1. A happy and healthy new year to you too Craig and your partner and family. 🙏 It’s always a pleasure to see you presenting, such a calm, warm and engaging person. It is just what we all need during this pandemic, so thank you.👍😊.

    Best wishes,
    Liz McCallum.

  2. Hi Graige,
    What a lovely photo of you and your partner.You both look very happy and relaxed.You are such a ray of sunshine on QVC.
    I love watching your showe.s you are always so enthusiastic and interested in the products you bring us. When you were introducing the Hotel Chocolat Velvitiser it looked great so I bought one.
    I now fing myself drinking far to much hot choc. but I must say it is so delicious.

    I wish you both a very happy and Healthy New Year. Kuup up the good wor.

    All Best Wishes

  3. Happy new year Craig – loved your photos. Good to see smiles despite the current situation. Love your shows, you are so enthusiastic it makes me feel better too!

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