Healthy changes

Hello! I do hope this blog finds you keeping safe and well.

There’s a bit of a health theme to my blog this week. Even if we have not made resolutions as such, it’s the time of year where we might be thinking of making some small (or BIG!) changes.

One thing I relish is a daily walk. It’s something I started during the first lockdown and it’s become a habit. Sometimes it’s 30 minutes or an hour but having that walk either in silence, or with my headphones on listening to music or a podcast, helps my body release tension and my mind gets a break, too.

Paul and I also get out for some walks together. In the picture you can see at the top of this blog, we’re at the London Line River Walk in south east London. It was a lovely winters day, so crispy and bright – what a tonic!!

I am watching what I eat at the moment and one thing I enjoy adding to both savoury and sweet foods is Easiyo (I have a show this Wednesday night on the 20th if you see this in time). I love that it’s so easy to make and tastes fresh and delicious.

I tend to mainly use the unsweetened Greek Style flavour and as a treat my other favourites are the Creme Brulee and Coconut flavours – yum!  I recently treated myself to the new black Yoghurt Maker as it looks so good in my kitchen!

Finally, with the gyms and leisure centres being closed, perhaps you have been thinking of getting some equipment to use at home. If so, we have a Twist & Shape Today’s Special Value on Tuesday 26th January, bringing you a deluxe foldable exercise machine ideal for any home (the product number is 720427).

There are plenty of other exercise ideas on the QVC website, too. I will be showing it to you on the day so I am sure we will have some fun and exercise at the same time.

Stay and well and see you soon.

Big hugs,
Craig xx

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  1. Wonderful, uplifting blog, especially seeing both of you sending a joyful picture at this time of doom and gloom. All at QVC have kept many going over the last year and what seems to be the start of this one. Carry on with your walks and please ensure you both keep well. Tanya x

  2. What a handsome pair,gorgeous pic,love you and your blogs Craig,I enjoy qvc so much,bargains galore,the fun and giggles,food,Christmas,I could go on,it’s lovely to just have a break when I get home from work,especially on parcel delivery day!! Happy New Year to everyone love,big hugs Debbie xx

  3. Hi Craig Love your Blog!! Nice to see you looking so Happy together out Walking , That’s just what myself & Martyn Plus Finn our Dog do Every Day and its Wonderful !! Last Year my Husband had a Accident and Broke his left Knee & his right Ankle ,Heel also had to have A Big Operation putting his Bones in foot Back in the right place !this was August 2020 he was completely Bedridden for3 months downstairs in our Living Room !!when his Consultant said November you can now put Pressure to your Feet Again he couldn’t even Stand up! but all I can Say Martyn was so Lucky! Trees in the Garden from now on Tree Surgeon Job! and we’ll just enjoy QVC & walking funny how Stronger one is to cope during these Strange times we are Living in! but we do . Looking forward ,so lets all just Keep Safe & Well xx

  4. I remember so well when you competed to become a QVC presenter…. How far you have come
    You are so easy to listen to, you make me feel relaxed and you are always so upbeat-so important in the present circumstances
    Glad to see you happy in a happy relationship
    Perhaps you can do a cocktail hour with us all joining in
    Thanks Craig for keeping us going, bringing a smile to a lockdown day and making us laugh xxxxx

  5. Hi Craig,

    Happy New Year to you and Paul (if it’s not too late to say that?!). I don’t normally make resolutions but this year I’m going to give up smoking and learn to drive. Thanks for keeping us all amused during the lockdown. All the best, Leah x

  6. I remember too when you started QVC and how uplifting you are always full of happiness. Well I hope you are as I am sure you must find it tough at the times but are carrying on like normal. I purchased the Davina bike TSV, my family laughed and said oh are you going to use it as a clothes horse well they are wrong I do 3 10mins cycles a day and feel so much better for it. Thank you for keeping us going with your smiley face.

  7. What a lovely update and the photo of you both is enough to warm and brighten anyone’s day! warmest wishes x x x

  8. Hi Craig you are my favourite male presenter on QVC. You always seem so happy and it comes through the screen. Love your pics! Thanks for sharing.
    You take care & stay safe.
    You are a special man! I have only just listened to your podcast & I know what you mean about in the late 60s early 70s it was unusual to see a black man with a white lady and that is something that my sister’s husband’s parents went through.He was from the carabian and his lady a Yorkshire lass. He is 50 so just a little older than you. You are the same age as my sister so you are 5 yrs older than myself.
    Well you take care of yourself lad & stay safe!
    I have just had my covid vaccination as I suffer from ME MS and pulmonary embolisms, & it is the latter that puts me at high risk. The only problem is I had a feeling it might happen but the ME is not happy at all with the injection and I have been feeling really ill and in so much pain since Saturday night. I know it will pass I just don’t know when but my goodness it’s got to be better than getting the illness!
    Take care
    Lots of love
    Hayley xx

  9. Been with QVC years, but new to reading the blogs. Love your blogs and its great to see you with Paul, I wondered who your partner would be! a great looking couple. I think you ooze class, love watching you, you make me laugh and that’s key especially at the moment when I’m home schooling a 6 and 9 year old and the hubby’s at home invading my once own space!! xx hope you continue the blogs! Thanks for your upbeat posts.

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