Home workouts, (more) walks and sleeping in K by Kelly Hoppen luxe…

Hello! I hope you are well and as always thank you for reading my blog.

May I also wish you a happy Easter. I am a little saddened I cannot see my family for Easter, but I know I will be able to see them soon – hurrah!

Since my last blog all has been well and this week, I had some time off from work, which has been lovely (and well-timed with the mini heatwave!). I have been on several walks to meet up with friends and I’ve been enjoying St Katherine’s dock in London. You can see me in the photo with the marina around me, such a charming place to take a stroll.

I have also been doing (what I hope will) be the last of my home workouts. I borrowed some weights from a friend, and it’s been brilliant over lockdown to keep the discipline of working out at home, but I must admit I am really looking forward to the gyms opening soon.

As the weather is turning milder, I have taken the brushed cotton bedding and heavier blankets off the bed and replaced them with a high thread count cotton and lighter throws. If you are thinking of doing the same, we have a brilliant K by Kelly Hoppen Todays Special Value I am launching on Tuesday night (6th April) at 9pm and midnight (the product number is 811796).

It’s a six-piece cotton set that includes a duvet cover, fitted sheet and four Oxford pillowcases. It also has a beautiful jacquard design that’s signature to K by Kelly Hoppen with a geometric, yet classic design. I have been lucky enough to sleep in the set for the last few nights and its cool and soft yet has a lovely fresh crispness to it, too. It’s the perfect new bedding set to embrace the new season.

In the photos of my bedroom you can see it looking pristine and crisp in brilliant white. I also added a K by Kelly Hoppen throw to bring a contrast of colour and texture (you know how much I love grey and white!). That particular throw isn’t available anymore but there are lots more in the K by Kelly Hoppen shop here.

Be warned though, the last K by Kelly Hoppen bedding Today’s Special Value barely made it to the morning show, so it’s definitely a good idea to join me for the launch on the 6th April at 9pm and midnight.

Until then, stay well and big hugs as always.

Craig x

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  1. Just love you Craig – a modest interesting man with joy and family in your heart – we want our presenters to be just that . No me me me 😀😀

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