Indoor fun retro-style and outdoor fun canine-style!

Hello, I hope you are well and keeping safe.

Thanks so much for reading my blog and joining me for my recent shows. It’s been so busy at QVC and I hope you are enjoying the shows whether you are shopping or not.

So, this week I wanted to tell you about the fun I’ve been having indoors and outdoors.

Indoors, it has been with the Todays Special Value from this Sunday (although it’s available from today for pre-launch online).

It’s a four-in-one Arcade Games Machine, which has been great fun and has brought me back to so many memories of playing in the arcade as a teenager. It’s a brilliant machine that can sit on a table-top or even be mounted on a wall or on the back of a door.

We set one up in the offices at QVC and all had a go at playing the four games, which include the iconic PAC-Man (my personal favourite!), Galaga (an even more dynamic version of space invaders), Dig Dug (a cool tunnelling game) and Galaxian (more space fun!)

As we are all staying in so much more, I think it would be a great addition at home. While I can imagine tournaments with my mum and dad who will, like me, remember the retro elements of the game, I can also see how my younger nieces would love it – it’s so different to anything they’ve seen!

Join me Sunday 5pm for my gift show where I can show it to you in action.

When it comes to fun outside, I’ve been over to meet my friend Emma for some walks on the finer days with her 5-month-old puppy, Vera. She is a wire-haired dachshund and such a joyous, friendly little dog. As well as walks, there are always lots of cuddles. Her face just melts your heart!

What are you doing to keep yourself entertained during these times? I’d love to know.

Stay safe and sending big hugs.

Craig x

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  1. Just a lovely, bubbly gentleman….. You make watching QVC a joy to watch….. Keep well… Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎄 x

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