Le Creuset love!

Hello! Thanks for reading my blog and I do hope you are staying safe and well.

May I first start by saying thank you so much for the wonderful messages you’ve left here over the last couple of months, especially the ones about my beloved friend Joy. I really appreciate them so much.

So, this week’s blog has bit of a household theme with cooking and cleaning (something I know many of us are doing more than ever!)

Firstly, there is a brilliant Le Creuset Today’s Special Value coming next Monday 15th February (the product number is 811986).

It’s a set of two pans (a 24cm shallow frying pan and a 3cm stir-fry pan) from their brilliant non-stick range. I have been so lucky to road test these and wow, what incredible pans!! Everything from stir-fries for dinner to frittatas for brunch, I have been using both pans nearly every day since I’ve had them, and not once have they let me down.

They are top quality as you’d expect from Le Creuset; a joy to cook with and beautifully designed. I give them a firm 10/10 and here are some pictures of the delicious food I have made with them.

I’ll be hosting the 4pm Le Creuset show on Monday 15th so please do join me. I’m a big Le Creuset fan with my first piece being almost 30 years old! I might even show a photo of my Le Creuset collection on the day.

And keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram as I will be sharing every day more food pictures of what I have made!

Now, for cleaning. Being at home pretty much all the time, don’t you find you are constantly cleaning!? Which leads me onto another Today’s Special Value that I will be launching on the evening of Wednesday 10th February with an offer that will run all day through Thursday.

It’s a brilliant spin mop complete with extra mop heads (the product number is 809715). Again, I had never tried this kind of mop before and I have been really impressed with it. Easy to use, no more soggy, wet floors and I even got to try out the grey one – my favourite housey colour!

I actually already have a steam mop, which is brilliant, but I sometimes find that by the time I get it out and plug it in, I sometimes put it off and the floor doesn’t get done. This spin mop is so quick and easy, my floors have been cleaned more so this last week than they had all year before having it!

Finally, it was my niece Jasmine’s 18th birthday at the end of January. I still remember holding her as a baby, isn’t it amazing how time flies?! She was initially a little upset about having a lockdown birthday, but my sister made it so special for her with special decorations and a lovely little party at home.

I alongside other members of the family who don’t live with her, sent special video messages. Just thought I’d share this picture of little Jasmine aged six and I when we went to Lapland, such wonderful memories.

So, that’s it for me this week. See you next week when I will be telling you all about a special bread maker offer that is coming up… fresh bread every morning for breakfast? Yum!

Big hugs as always,

Craig xx

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  1. I have literally just had a 5 piece set of the toughened non stick Le Creuset pans (20cm shallow frying pan, 26cm deep frying pan, the 26cm shallow casserole, the 24cm deep casserole and a milk pan) to add to my existing cast iron collection a few weeks back.

    Now ,whilst I STILL don’t see how any home cook can make a good meal without a cast iron Dutch oven or braiser – and I didn’t think I’d ever have a non stick again because traditional non stick is terrible, I’m overwhelmed with HOW GOOD these pans are!

    I forgot how good it was to do a stir fry in one of these or pancakes or eggs! But itsmso strong i don’t feel like I’m going to damage it at every turn! The milk pan is particularly amazing for home made sauces like my sticky stir fry sauce which just glides off and leaves no food wasted still stuck to the pan!!!!

    Good pans make a big difference with food waste – and because of the guarantee and quality these will last much longer than normal pans – and that’s all good news for environmental impact!

    Definitely recommend every cook to have a couple of these in their kitchen – along with their trusty cast iron!

  2. Enjoyed reading this and thought about my 35 year old cast iron Le Creuset pan that my mum received as a wedding gift. Its been used everyday for all these years, looks a bit sorry for itself but cooks amazingly. My poor mum only passed it on to me as it was too heavy for her after a while.
    So as I have my kitchen fitted this week, I’m saving up for more Le Creuset pans so I can continue the tradition and pass them down to my daughter. ❤️

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