Mindfulness, meditation and feeling good

As we enter a new year perhaps you have been thinking about finding out more about mindfulness, meditation and positive thinking. I’d share what works for me to perhaps help you find something that works for you too.

I think it’s interesting to draw a distinction between mindfulness and meditation (as I understand it); mindfulness is something you can bring to anything you do from taking a walk in the park to making a cuppa or watching TV – you do the activity being present and mindful without allowing your focus to be become scattered.

Compare that to meditation where you are generally seated with eyes closed, focusing on the breath. I try to incorporate both practices into my life along with positive thinking. It’s not always easy as life is busy, but here’s some ideas that can help:

  • Aromatherapy! using pleasant aromas and fragrances can really help to tap into that quieter place in my mind. I will often light a Neom candle for a meditation, and when working from home during the day, I use the Neom wellbeing pod to to stay mindful and focus on each task I am doing.
  • A candlelit bath is a wonderful experience and I will often use Australian Bodycare Lavender Skin Wash or SBC Arnica Muscle Soak (I particularly like the arnica and sandalwood combination) and breathe in the aromas. A way to incorporate mindfulness into this is to avoid listening to the radio, watch the news or go on the phone, instead have some soft music or even enjoy some quiet and try to tap into the feeling of the water on you skin and the soft flickering lights of the candle.
  • Podcasts and apps – I find these really useful to tap into meditation guidance and positive thinking, one of my favourite podcasts is Feel Better, Live More by Dr Rangan Chatterjee. I have a paid membership for the Calm app, which I have used for years for meditation, mindfulness and even sleep stories, and there is a free version too. Another good one to try is the Insight Timer app which has lots of meditations with a variety of teachers from all over the world. When it comes to positive thinking I learned so much from the late Louise Hay, a lady who taught the power of positive affirmations, I have read many of her books and even seen her speak live in London. There are lots of her resources online.

Finally, here are some tips to help you incorporate mindfulness, meditation and positive thinking into your life:

  • Start small – just try five minutes a day to work on your mindfulness or to start a short meditation practice.
  • For meditation try and create a regular time; do it in the same place and make sure you support yourself with cushions etc. to be comfortable, after a while it will become a habit.
  • Make it enjoyable. I love walking and getting fresh air so I can combine a walk with listening to a podcast or sometimes I do it in silence just listening to my steps, my breath and notice what’s around me.
  • Take five minutes to stand on the spot and really drink in what you can see; I often do this on Waterloo Bridge in London looking at the buildings, the skyline and the colour of the sky, it’s a great way to get present.

Hope you find this useful and interesting, I’ll be doing more of these health and wellbeing blogs throughout the year so do let me know if there is something you’d like to cover.

Stay safe and well.

Big hugs, Craig

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  1. This was very helpful and an enjoyable read, thank you Craig. An added bonus would be direct links to these meditation sessions but I appreciate this may not be possible. I look forward to your future posts. 😊

  2. Hi Craig love you and Amanda holden together you 2 are so funny Could you possibly ask her if she would start doing padlocks on their own my daughter is desperate as I am we have alot of bundleberry we love it x

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