Revitalise your beauty!

Hello, hope you are well and have stayed safe during this rather turbulent weather!

I returned back from filming in Lanzarote on the weekend and to be honest I was expecting all the flights to be cancelled. I think I got lucky with the timing of my flight, which seemed to miss the worst of the storms across the south of England. The filming went really well and I am looking forward to you seeing the episode later in the year. If you ever wondered what a day of travel that starts at 4am looks like, have a look at this Instagram reel I made.

So, now I am back and have a busy week ahead at QVC and wanted to share two great beauty offers that I thought you might like to help soothe away some of the turbulence of winter.

Firstly, this Wednesday, QVC have a great offer on a Neom 4-piece “Daily Ritual’ collection – I am a huge fan of Neom and had been using the range before it came to QVC. I love the quality of the ingredients and how effective and powerful they are. You can see the collection online and on-air throughout Wednesday.

Then on Thursday, there’s another beauty offer, and this time it’s a really effective, enjoyable to use beauty tool from Nurse Jamie. It’s called an Uplift Facial Beauty Massager and you use it by simply gently rolling it over different parts of your face and body to help get an lifted look to the skin. I was using it last week when I was away and there are no batteries to buy or chargers to carry – you just take it out of the box and start rolling! I particularly like using it around my cheek area as my face can get very puffy when I am tired or travelling. I also use it under the eyes where I find it so soothing. You can see it with me in my ‘Revitalise your Beauty’ show 4pm on Thursday.

So, have a great week and see you on-air soon!

Big, big hugs,
Craig xx

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  1. Glad you are enjoying Life in the sun looking forward to seeing it. You were lucky with the travel arrangements but glad you are back on tv. Feel comfortable with our regular presenters giving us confidence purchasing goods . Best wishes fellow Bristolian. Sue x

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