Spain, Denmark and the power of sleep!

Hello! Hope you are keeping well and thanks for taking a look at my blog.

As per usual, I have been a busy bee and wanted to share three things with you this week.

Firstly, I was in Spain recently filming another episode of ‘A Place in the Sun’ and this time we were house hunting in La Zenia in south-east Spain – have you heard of it or perhaps visited it? I really enjoyed my time there and found the scenery and coastline so beautiful, and gosh, the property market there is certainly buoyant! I was filming with two lovely ladies Helen and Shelley, and the episode will go out later this year. I am really enjoying my role on the how and still pinch myself that I am getting to experience these wonderful places.

Talking of wonderful places, I was also in Copenhagen at the weekend – have you ever been? It was my first time in Denmark (and won’t be the last!) It was a belated birthday trip for my partner Paul and we both had the best time.

The architecture, the landscape and the wonderfully warm, open people. Denmark routinely comes out as one of the happiest countries in the world and I really felt a sense of that when I was there. I found people to be so polite, respectful and cheery.

The food and drink was amazing too, we had some really scrummy meals and snacks. And to top it all we were blessed with bright sunny weather, chilly but sunny, and it was as though the whole city had come out to greet us – and all in all it was a truly fantastic weekend!

And as I am back at QVC over the next couple of weeks, I wanted to share something I will be bringing you this Friday as the Today’s Special Value, which also happens to be the most awarded mattress in the UK – can you guess? Yes, it’s the incredible brand Emma who are offering QVC viewers a chance to see what all the hype is about and to (finally!) get a great night’s sleep – every night!

I have really found recently, being so busy, my sleep is more important than ever and if you feel the same or if you have been sleeping on the same mattress for many a year, perhaps it’s time to upgrade. The Emma mattresses are beautifully made, incorporate the latest sleep technology and are built to last. They also offer a top service delivery and because the mattresses are vacuum packed, it’s easy to take them to any room in your house, even a bedroom in a loft conversion! Be sure to join me for morning show on Friday where we will tell you more. In the meantime, why not check it out now?

The following week, I will have plentiful garden shows for you and then on Monday 2nd May I am hosting three ‘event’ shows where you can ‘Discover QVC’ – a great way to find out more about QVC if you are new or to reignite your love for us if you have been with us for many years.

So, lots to look forward to and in the meantime stay well.

Big, big hugs,
Craig xx

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  1. Hi, love following you 😍. A place in the sun is one of my fave shows. Just transports you away and I love to have a nosey around properties 🤭. Oh and Copenhagen wow. We visited in 2018 at Easter time. Yes very chilly but lovely sunny days. We also had a day trip to Malmö which was great going over the Oresund bridge. My fave places where Tivoli, Nyhavn, The Round Tower, changing of the guard at the royal palace and a long walk to see The Little Mermaid 🤗. Keep doing you. 👍🌞

    1. Hi, Craig, just had to laugh at one part of your blog; under the picture with the houses and long boats in Denmark, you said you had a ‘scummy’ meal!!! I take it, and I hope, you meant ‘scrummy’!! xx

  2. will be lovely to see you back on screen , but, so pleased for you with the other job , all those lovely places Craig ..
    glad you enjoyed Denmark .you should try Th Netherlands , my son worked on Super yacht which was refitted in Vlissingen , right down near Belgium end ..absolutely beautiful …Thanks for you blog ..which i really enjoyed .

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