Summer food with Althams

Hello! Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you are well and keeping safe in this lovely early summer weather we’ve been having.

Join me for the Summer Food Fair this Friday 29th of May with Master Rick Altham for the Today’s Special Value from Althams Butchers (809870). It’s a collection of meats that are perfect for the barbecue and all freshly prepared and delivered chilled to your front door.

I grilled the chicken escalopes and had them with a summer salad for a delicious light supper.

People often ask how the meat arrives, so take a look at the video I made here:

If you’re like me and there’s only one or two of you at home, you could even share the hamper with neighbours as I did by delivering it safely to a neighbour outside their front door.

I’ll see you on Friday and all over the weekend on QVC TV where I’ll chat about all things food and lots of gardening!

Big hugs as always,

Craig xx

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  1. Hi Craig,
    Thanks for sharing the Althams Barbecue meat special. I have just ordered one for myself even though I live alone. I lost my beloved husband 3 years ago. The way I look at it is that it will all keep in the freezer so I open the packs and wrap everything in separate freezer bags. This way I can take a steak or a burger out as I want it. Also if one of my grandchildren tells me they are calling I can defrost ready to cook the following day.
    I have got rid of my big barbecue as I literally never used it, so it went to a good home. I have bought a table top model which is perfect for me and is surprisingly accommodating for a variety of foods like peppers and corn and I do fish wrapped in foil or even straight on the barbecue if it is mackerel. It’s worth a try for you Craig. My youngest grandchild lives alone in a flat that has a balcony with a great view. He has a table top portable barbecue which is perfect for him. I’m looking forward to my first Althams burger the day its arrives. Hope your neighbours enjoy their gift. How lovely to have a neighbour like you.

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