Tales of Italy and skincare travel essentials

Hello – I do hope you are well.

I recently returned from filming two episodes of ‘A Place in the Sun’ in Abruzzo, Italy. It was an incredible experience being back in Italy and spending time on the Trabocchi Coast and in the countryside and mountains.

The coast gets its names from the unusual looking structures built around rocky areas which haul down nets to catch fish.

The weather was definitely ‘changeable’ going from sleet, snow, heavy rain and then to sunshine and clear blue skies. On one day, we left the coast in glorious sun then arrived to film in the mountains in thick snow – take a look at this video I took!

I am learning the main challenge when working away is trying to eat healthily. Just take a look at some of the pastries on the breakfast buffet – in Italy cake at breakfast is a big thing but not good for my willpower or my blood sugar!

I am also learning what skincare is good to have with me on my travels and here are my current favourites:

The Elemis Beauty pick of the Month Serenity Cleansing Balm. I love that, as well as taking off make-up, it will also be wonderful to add to a bath or shower to cleanse the body after a busy day of filming.

The Clinique Supersize of the Month All about Eyes eye cream. I find hours spent travelling and long filming days leave my eyes puffy and tired, so looking forward to trying this.

The Sea Magic Mineral Mist. I am going to decant some of this into a smaller bottle to take on the plane to keep refreshed and hydrated, as my skin gets so dry, particularly with wearing the mask.

I thought you might like to try some of these suggestions too, even if just to help your skin day to day.

I am headed off again next week to Spain and then will be back for shows on QVC on 5th April and a special day of gardening on 10th April, so look forward to seeing you then.

In the meantime, feel free to keep up with my travelling adventures on my Instagram @craigrowetv

Stay well and big hugs,
Craig x

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  1. Also enjoying using magik products. Italy my most favourite country to visit will look forward to seeing place in sun sue

  2. i watched place in the sun presented by craig a while back & thought it was excellent.he really connected with the couple he was helping unlike some other presenters.so glad he is making further programmes.

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