Two of my favourite things: eating and sleeping!

Hello, hope you are well?

I’m writing this blog on a Tuesday morning in my living room with the late summer sunshine streaming in through the windows – what joy!

As you may have heard me say on-air and in previous blogs, my favourite month of the year is September (not just because it’s my birthday!) because I love the surprise of the occasional late summer sunny days combined with the crispness of the beginning of autumn.

Three things to mention this week.

Firstly, I am launching the next The Real Pie Company Today’s Special Value offer this Thursday evening. Remember we now launch the TSV at 9pm, so there’s no need to stay up late if like me you prefer being tucked up in bed early! It’s a 12-piece assortment of pies in either a meat or chicken option.

Their pies are simply delicious, filled with really good quality ingredients; light and crispy pastry and they make a perfect lunch or dinner. When I got back from Spain a couple of weeks ago after a long journey home it was pure bliss to pop a Chicken and Leek Real Pie in the oven and enjoy it with some chips from the chippie.

But I also enjoy the pies with salad, peas, steamed vegetables or the classic mash and gravy! Join me and Brett from The Real Pie Company for the launch and then join me 3-5pm on Thursday, when I bring you one of our two-hour celebration food shows – ‘Food around the British Isles’ – yum!

Secondly, if you haven’t seen it yet there is a Neom super-size of the month for September. It’s a HUGE 100ml of their iconic Sleep Pillow Mist which I find really effective as part of a sleep hygiene routine to wind down and sleep better.

The regular retail size is 30ml, whereas the super-size is 100ml and only available at QVC! That’s more than three times bigger, and the price, as you can imagine, is excellent. You can find out more and watch the video presentation by clicking here.

Finally, I’d like to show you another Joules shirt from the men’s range we have at QVC. I’ve worn it a couple times on-air and had many compliments. Its called the ‘Welford’ and in the photo I am wearing the white check, along with these Uno trainers from Sketchers. You can see the full Joules menswear range by clicking here.

Next week’s blog I’ll be telling you more about a very cosy Kelly Hoppen Today’s Special Value coming up, and the launch of her new K home range, very exciting!

Big hugs as always,

Craig XX

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  1. Hi craig as we say i aberdeen fit like which means how are you iam not bad enjoying a2week lazy holiday from work doing nothing.

    1. Hi Martin, aha wow that’s sounds lovely so jealous ! I’m need of a nothing holiday they’re truly the best aha.

      Craig xx

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