Walks, visits and bears

Hello! Just a mini blog from me this week, so here goes…


I have got so into my walking since the only time we were allowed outside was to do daily exercise. It’s become a daily habit and even on days when I am working or already have exercise planned I take a daily walk of around 45 minutes. I have a few different ones but this is one of my favourites, part of which takes in the beautiful sight of Tower Bridge. Did you start anything new in lockdown that you are still doing?


Having not seen my family in months I am going to take a short visit to Bristol and as safely as possible see my parents, sister and beloved nieces. I think it’s going to be quite emotional as I know the younger ones have grown so much. This pic is of my sister and eldest niece taken in Spain last autumn, can’t wait to see them.

I am also taking a few days down in Brighton, again rather trepidatious about how it will be but I think as long as my friends and I are safe and mindful and stay away from crowded areas it will be fine and will be great to get away from London for a couple of days.


when I do return in a couple of weeks I have a special 2 hour show of Charlie Bears, always great fun presenting these with Will and Charlie so look forward to seeing you then.

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Big hugs as always

Craig x

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  1. Hi Craig, I’m the same as you – walking has become a daily habit. It’s a little more tricky now that I’m back at work, but I manage 45 minutes or so on work days and go for a longer walk on days when I’m at home. I love it and have discovered so many new walks, even though I’ve lived in my current home for more than 10 years. It’s definitely improved my fitness and stamina. We need to keep this up! Take care, enjoy Brighton and visiting your family. xxx

  2. Have a great break, Craig! We’ll miss you, but look forward to your return. Please be safe.😘😷❤️

  3. Hi Craig, i hope you are enjoying your break. How wonderful that you get to walk near the Thames on your daily walk.
    My husband and i gave up our local park walks at the beginning of Lock down as people were not following social distancing guidelines particularly joggers and people in general who seemed to be ignorant about social distancing. We are in our late 60’s and i became very anxious and walking was no longer feeling therapeutic.
    Look forward to your return.
    Keep safe.

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