Warmer days and freshly baked bread!

Hello, thanks for coming back to look at my blog or if it’s your first time, welcome!

This week I wanted to share my joy over the fact that the days are getting tangibly longer and that bit warmer. Because the gyms have been closed since before Christmas, I had a pact that I would get outside and exercise come rain, shine or even snow (yes, snow! Check out this Instagram video where you can see me doing just that).

The wonderful thing about exercising outside is the fresh air and daylight, which we know is so important for our physical and mental health. You can see me here having a workout in a park near me. Is there a favourite area or place that you go to for a walk or exercise?

‘So, what’s all this about the freshly baked bread?’ I hear you ask! Well, it just so happens that we have a Cook’s Essentials bread maker as the Today’s Special Value this Thursday (product number 809917) and I will be hosting the pre-launch with Gail Samways Wednesday at 9pm and again at midnight into Thursday.

It’s an easy-to-use bread maker with some great functions and even a timer setting so you can wake up to freshly baked bread first thing in the morning – bliss!!

I haven’t had one to try at home, but I did have a little play with it in the QVC kitchen. I liked the fact that you know the exact ingredients that are going in and that you can make wheat-free and vegan bread too, not to mention pizza dough and brioche – yum!

One final thing to mention is a couple of weeks ago we launched a new natural cleaning brand called Tincture, which I already knew from using it at home. It’s definitely worth checking out the range if you like natural ingredients, gorgeous fragrances and beautiful packaging all with sparkling results.

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope this motivated you to maybe take up some more exercise outside. See you on Wednesday night for some freshly baked bread with Gail.

Big hugs as always,

Craig xx

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