An LG TV deal and big celebration

I hope all’s well…

The sun finally got its hat on and just in time for Tracey and I’s wedding anniversary! It shone gloriously all day – just as it did 36 years ago! We enjoyed a lovely relaxed lunch and of course chatted about how much both we (and indeed the world at large) had changed in that time. I took a few days leave so that we could enjoy some time together and as usual, managed to do DIY jobs around the house and garden – yes, we know how to celebrate! 🙂

Of course, I have also been out and about with my camera and spotted this little egret and loved the reflection in the water!

As I was away on leave I missed an Andi Peters’ Food Fest Show that was added to the schedule at the last minute – but fear not, I shall return to be with my old food friend on the 23rd September at 7pm.

Talking of which, are you a fan of QVC’s Food Shows? Would you like to be a part of an Andi Peters’ Food Fest? If so, just get in contact (as below) and it may be that you’ll be selected to come through as a video caller! 🙂

Simply send us an email to with Andi Peters’ Food Fest” in the subject line! We’d love to hear from you!

So, I haven’t been around at The Q for 10 days but I’m pleased to say that I’ll be returning to your screens this Saturday, the 11th, with Joules Fashion at 3pm, In the Salon with Gatineau at 4pm, featuring their DefiLift 3D Pro-Defence Skincare Collection and Luxury Jewellery at 6pm.

On Sunday we have a LG A1 48″ Smart OLED TV and Ear Buds Bundle as our Today’s Special Value (TSV). This fully featured Smart TV has a stunning 4K Ultra High Definition OLED (Organic LED) display and it can connect with the internet for your favourite streaming services (charges may apply), and even has voice control with “Alexa” and “Google Assistant” built in.

I don’t want to get too techy here but the big difference between this TV and the LED TV’s I have at home, is the fact that this display features “self-lit pixels” rather than “back-lit” – basically they provide a perfect black and true-to-life colours that give a truly realistic viewing experience. We’re also including a pair of lovely wireless Ear Buds with a charging case! These are great for listening to a noisy late-night film when others are trying to get their beauty sleep or for use anytime as you see fit! Or, simply give them as a gift if you like!

This TV is packed with many HDR features (High Dynamic Range) all designed to give you the best viewing experience whatever you’re watching. It also has Freeview and Freesat connectors and you can easily hook it up to your Broadband, either wirelessly or by ethernet, and Bluetooth should you want to connect compatible Bluetooth Soundbars… or of course Bluetooth headphones or the included Ear Buds! It also has a conventional headphone jack too.

I don’t know about you, but although I get out and about quite a lot, I love to come home and slump down in front of the telly and watch a quality film, whether it be crime, thriller, sport etc., so why not consider upgrading your existing TV to this beauty? The difference could be huge.

Of course, if you don’t like what you see within your QVC 60 day money back guarantee, contact us and we’ll arrange collection! We’ve got a cracking price and interest-free instalment option – I hope you can join me at 11am this Sunday for a full presentation.

Well as I said earlier this is just a quickie from me…

So until next time, stay entertained and well!

Dale x

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  1. Another lovely wildlife photo. Have you ever thought about entering your wildlife photos in the Countryfile calendar competition? They are stunning.

    1. Hi Maureen – thank you for your kind comments – Perhaps I will “throw my hat in “ and enter one of these days but I know the standard is very high but as they say “if you aren’t in it you can’t win it” or is that just Andi P 😂 Dale x

  2. Hi Dale

    Congratulations to you and Tracey on
    Your 36th Wedding Anniversary. Quite an acheivement! Glad the sun came out for you both and you were able to spend time together away frim the Q.

    Yes I missed you on the Andi Peters’s Food Fest but look forward to watching the 23rd September show.

    Love your picture of the egret. Not a bird you see every day.

    Romola X

    1. Hi Romola, many thanks for your congrats. You’re quite right I don’t ever remember seeing an Egret in the UK until I saw one in Sussex about 10? Years ago – now they seem to be both along the coast and on inland waters too 🤔 Dale x

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