Autumn, Food Fest and… Christmas!

I hope this blog finds you as well as can be expected…

I have been generally well, although I managed to pick up a nasty throat bug and lost my voice. 🙁 I realise this will be a cause for celebration for some but not ideal for me or my job! However, as I write I seem to be well on the mend thankfully.

It’s funny but there doesn’t seem to be the sudden changes of seasons these days, certainly not as I remember them – the change from summer to autumn seems more of a drawn out affair. I noticed the leaves on a horse chestnut tree over three weeks ago turning rust and gold and yet many other deciduous trees around us are still a vibrant green and look weeks away from falling and we’re well into September. There have been some spectacular sunsets recently as the clouds drift off to bed after an overcast day and I captured this image on my phone.

I regularly mention the many birds that now visit our garden (see feature image above) and their appetite seems to be increasing daily, perhaps a sign that colder weather is approaching. Of course, the Premium Bird Food from Richard Jackson and excellent Fat Balls from Grumpy Gardener are hard to resist (for the birds!) and we have the most overweight pigeons in the area as they are devouring my grass seed as quickly as I manage to sprinkle it!

Back at The Q, September 23rd sees the start of a three day Christmas event with great gift and decoration ideas. It actually previews at 9pm tonight and of course, it just wouldn’t be the same without including delicious festive food either! So at 7pm on Thursday 23rd, Andi Peters and I will be bringing you two hours of seasonal treats from many of the UK’s finest fine food brands. Then, as if we won’t be full up enough, we’ll return the next day at 4pm for another two hours.

We look forward to you joining us and on that note…

A reminder that you could still be a part of the show! If that appeals to you, just get in contact (as below) and it may be that you’ll be selected to come through as a video caller :). We’ve already had a great response (thank you!), but there’s still time to send us an email at with “Andi Peters’ Food Fest” in the subject line!

We’d love to hear from you and who knows, we might have a chat together on-air. Your chance to speak with a seasoned professional and… Andi’s there too 😉 …I had to go there!

Our buyers are constantly searching for new exciting brands to bring to air and for any of you who missed their amazing Today’s Special Value (TSV) last week, I wanted to highlight American brand Beekman 1802. They offer a fantastic range of products designed for those with sensitive skin and their key ingredient is goats milk, which shares a similar pH to our human skin and is rich in lactic acid, vitamins and minerals.

I inherited sensitive skin from my mum and it is something I seem to have passed on to my son, so if like us you are always having to be extra careful what you apply to your skin, check out their products on our website. They’ve been huge in the US for a while and I think they’ll be a winner here in the UK too.

That’s all from me for now… until next time, stay warm, dry and well!

Dale x

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  1. Thanks for your blog. Can I request more food items that are dairy free please. I am intolerant of dairy, egg and yeast. It’s very tricky! Thanks alot

  2. Hi guys nice to see you back the perfect team all your good food’s and suggestions, there’s one ingredient missing what’s happened to the Real Pie company they haven’t been on for a while now. Keep up the brilliant show

  3. Hu Dale

    Enjoyed the Foodfest show last night and bought the new Jenny Wren chocolates. These will make perfect Xmas presents for one of my friends who has two Celiacs in her household and it is rare to get quality chocolates for them. Enjoyed all the banter as usual with Andy. Great show.

    Romola X

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