Celebrations and snow days

I hope all’s well…

We’ve had another eventful week at home what with the heavy snow (for lowland Surrey 🙂 ) at the weekend and my wife Tracey’s BIG Birthday. We did our best to make it a special day, decorating the house with bunting and my daughter Ali and I made up strings of photos we’d printed off that highlighted her life in pictures. I think it turned out to be one of her favourite things of the day as it was a real emotional trip down memory lane for her and a source of amusement for Ali and Jack, particularly looking at some of the fashions and haircuts over the years!

We had ordered some fancy food from online too and a very talented friend of Ali and Jack’s created this spectacular birthday cake – chocolate sponge with salted caramel and homemade macarons!! I’m pleased to say she had a wonderful day.

The recent snow brought much light relief for many, particularly the nation’s children, and although I know of course there can be serious problems related to heavy snow, fortunately for most it’s an opportunity to re-appraise how beautiful life can be when seen through snow dusted lenses! I took the image at the top of this post whilst out on a walk, simple but beautiful. Ali however took a quick trip to Narnia with Toby and Ellie, as you can see in this video!

I hope you enjoyed the snow safely too.

Back at The Q it was business as usual with plenty of tempting offers and we’ve got an interesting Today’s Special Value (TSV) coming up on Friday (5th). They may not look that interesting to be honest but these It Works Water Activated Cleaning Blocks are really useful for a huge number of cleaning jobs around your home. We have a 40-piece variety pack on offer and the larger blocks can easily be cut down if needs be.

They are activated by simply wetting them in tap water, giving them a gentle squeeze to remove excess water and away you go – obviously it depends on what you’re cleaning, but they can often be re-soaked to remove dirt etc. and used again. Of course, they do eventually break down, which is why we have such a generous sized pack for you. We’ve used them for years and always make sure we keep a supply of them. They can be used on all types of dirt, grease and scuffs but be careful not to use them on some high gloss finishes such as a metallic car, as they would “dull” the finish. Our guest Russell Bristow, who I have had the pleasure of working with at The Q on and off for around 23 years, will be demonstrating our TSV from his home… I expect to see it spotless Russ. 😉

Watch out for our three interest-free instalments SHOP3Z voucher code, for use on selected items during our “Customer Favourites Event” between the 3rd and 4th of Feb, which can be used via the latest version of the QVC app or online at qvcuk.com!

Until next time… stay frost free and squeaky clean!

Dale x

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  1. Hi Dale
    Toby, Ellie and your daughter certainly looked liked they enjoyed a magical time in the snow 😀⛄️ A lot of animals really seem to enjoy playing out in it – I’ve seen lovely videos of many enjoying it for the first time recently. It missed the part of Essex that I live in, but we may still see a flurry yet 😀
    I hope that your wife had a lovely birthday – her cake almost looked too good to eat!
    Wishing you and all your family all the best
    Jules x

  2. My big birthday is in October so I hope things will look brighter then. Cake looks very professional. Love your dogs. My border collie loves the snow. Not a lot puts her off her walks except fireworks and thunder storms.

    1. Hi Anne – ditto Ellie in particular hates Thunder and Fireworks – Toby used to but doesn’t hear them so we’ll these days, which isn’t such a bad thing in this particular case xx

  3. Hi Dale Wow that Cake was Beautiful I think I will do that Photos idea for when my Husband Martyn Retires this Year!! One thing this Pandemic has taught me is How much Family & Friends mean to us all ,and one cannot put a Value on that !! Love !! I Just love your Dogs I love all Animals but Dogs are my Joy my life would be Boring without a doggy on a Walk Strange times we are all living in but lets Hope we all Keep Safe and Well Plus QVC keeps our House going its Wonderful plus all the Great Ideas in all Department Thanks to all the People that work behind the T.V without all of them the items would not get too my Door!! xx Pamela

    1. Thank you Pamela for your kind comments – Yes the photo idea is a lovely one, my daughter did the same for my “big birthday” and it meant a lot to see my life in pictures around the home. I’m pleased that QVC has helped so many including yourself through these strange and difficult times and it means so much to all at The Q to read comments like yours – Thank You again – Dale x

  4. good show again dale with you and andi iam off work agian from furlough from mcdonalds in aberdeen 2nd time as they are ony doing takeaways not sitting in hope you dont mind me asking how is your daughter and son getting on with their studies at university

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