Christmas planning and a big Sealy deal

I hope all’s well and you’re staying safe and out of trouble…

Well the lock-down mullet has gone!! I’ve never ever been so pleased to go to the hairdressers! My Richard Jackson Giant Lilies are about to explode into flower any moment now and I can already smell the scent of another victory in our unofficial ‘no competition competition’. πŸ˜‰ On Friday after work I’m dashing off to my very good friends 25th Wedding Anniversary – I was best man at their wedding and it’ll be great to catch up again with them.

But back at The Q…

On Friday we have our traditional Christmas in July Event.

You’ll notice that I didn’t say we are celebrating Christmas, as the idea of this annual event (borrowed from QVC US) is to get a head start on your preparations for the Christmas period, so you can then celebrate in style, not have to panic so much and spend more time enjoying yourself… that’s the theory anyway! πŸ™‚

This year it’s more like “Christmas Eve” in July as we are holding it on the 24th and I’m thrilled to tell you that I’ll be along with Mr Andi Peters’ for a two-hour special Andi Peters’ Food Fest.

It starts at the earlier time of 11am – so if you’re out and about you might want to set your video recorders as we have a mouthwatering selection of top gourmet brands appearing and I’m sure we’ll be having some humorous moments telling you about them with many of our wonderful guests, such as:

High-end British chocolatiers Hotel Chocolat, with Marissa joining us to showcase a selection of their fine chocolates in a Christmas Sleekster and their Grand Advent Calendar!

H Forman & Son will be bringing their fantastic Smoked Salmon Selection and a Gin & Tonic Cured Royal Fillet of Smoked Salmon – the Royal fillet is considered the finest cut of smoked salmon, and Zoe will be joining us in the studio.

Lambertz are back with traditional German gingerbread and biscuits. Sadly, the characterful Hubert remains at home in Germany but the delightful Gail Samways will be a very welcome deputy.

Brett’s back on the show with some Festive Quiches from The Real Pie Company and his now iconic Boozy Mince Pies are available for pre-ordering.

I should say that many of the items will be on advanced orders for delivery much closer to Christmas but there will be some available immediately, such as Kate’s fabulous Gower Cottage Brownies and Flower & White’s Meringue Bars.

Simon Woodiwiss will be calling in for a video call to discuss The Original Cake Company’s Six-Piece Christmas Sponge Cake Collection too! So there’ll be plenty for Andi and I to get our teeth into – we only do it for you at home… of course. πŸ˜‰

After a show like that I often need a lie down and that brings me nicely onto our Sealy Today’s Special Value (TSV) for Saturday, available to order right now! I’m not in on Saturday but I couldn’t resist telling you about a fantastic offer that our buyers are really excited about, as it offers our biggest ever saving on a Sealy TSV! Got to be worth a closer look if you’re looking to upgrade your bed and/or mattress.

We have… the luxurious Sealy Advantage 1550 Gel Deep Pillowtop Mattress & Divan, or you can opt for the mattress alone if you’re happy with your existing base!

Both options are available in five interest-free instalments with P&P included – that means the excellent Sealy delivery service too, which includes setting up your new bed if required. The delivery crew will of course follow strict safety measures, however if you prefer to have your new bed delivered only as far as your door, that’s your privilege. You can find out more details of this service online or tune in to watch the presentations throughout the day.

I believe this total package is only currently on offer at The Q, so why not follow this link to our website and have a closer look.

Until next time… stay well fed, rested and well

Dale x

4 Responses

  1. Love watching your food feast shows so funny, the chemistry between you and Andi is brilliant.
    Just wish it was later after work this week.

    1. Yes it was an early one for us Rob – I think going forward the majority (not all) are at a later date πŸ™‚ Thanks for your kind comments – Dale

  2. Andy Peters, that man is a maniac, a nice one, still a maniac!!!! I still remember the look on the chocolatier lady’s face when he smeared the chocolate all over his face saying it matched his skin tone, sheer horror I would describe it!! Still that aside he’s totally forgiven as he introduced me to Gower cottage brownies! Can’t wait for the food show looks likes great selection. X

    1. Thanks Wendy – Yes AP is one of a kind πŸ™‚ He’s fantastic to work with, I enjoy every show and he has such amazing energy – Dale x

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