Crikey, what a deal!

Well February so far has certainly brought new challenges for most of us around the country in some form or another and I hope that those of you who suffered flooding and storm damage are managing to get back to some normality.

As you can imagine my family received a lot of teasing when one of the storms was names Franklin! Compared to many we actually escaped quite lightly, although we were without power for 24 hours. I know many weren’t so lucky and it does certainly remind us just how much we rely on electricity these days. We do have candles but a quick trip up to my loft and the box of battery-operated Christmas lights came to the rescue… I wasn’t expecting to see Christmas lights again so soon!

Whilst clearing away all the branches blown down into our garden, it reminded me how amazing nature is as I spotted so many shoots appearing in the pots dotted around in the garden, including my Plants2Gardens tulips. So it’s quite timely that on Friday 4th March we have a mini garden event with many of your favourite guests and various plants, flowers and gardening tools providing plenty of inspiration. If you enjoy a balcony or shared communal area on which you can plant up containers, you may like to tune in at midday on the 4th with Chloe for a whole hour of Container Gardening.

Our Today’s Special Value (TSV) on the day is from cleaning brand Crikey Mikey. It’s a 5L Hard Surface Cleaner with a manual pressure sprayer that’s designed to help clear algae, mould and lichen – particularly on your block paving, patios, fences and walls. This is a powerful and effective cleaning product so as always, please take the time to read the safety instructions fully, use the included gloves and eye protection, and plan your cleaning ahead of time. It could save you a lot of scrubbing!

As I’m sure many of you are aware I love my technology and last year I was selling a fantastic smart TV from the brand Hisense. Now to be fully honest with you I didn’t know much about this brand other than I noticed they had been sponsoring pitch side on a major international sports event. However, I now know a lot more about both the company and their fantastic TV’s – a quick internet search gave me plenty of info on just how huge a company they are!

They were formed in China in 1969  making radios and have grown into a multi-billion dollar company with offices around the world employing around 80,000 people! Affordable, high spec smart TV’s being their forté. So I didn’t hesitate and bought one from The Q just before Christmas as an upgrade for my trusty old “not-so smart” TV that had served us well for years.

I must say my faith was rewarded as the TV performs extremely well and after some tinkering with the many fine adjustments on offer (I can’t help myself!), the picture is now fantastic (my wife said it looked fantastic out of the box!). So if you’re in the market for a new smart TV I’d invite you to join me on Wednesday March 2nd at 4pm and 7pm for two hours of top tech with Hisense, featuring their 40″ Full HD Smart TV with Built-in Alexa.

As well as Alexa, it also features various apps, giving access via your home network to Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, BBC iPlayer and iTV Hub (subscriptions may apply). To make it even more tempting it’s available in four interest-free instalments (Easy Pays) and of course, a great price!

The very next day (Thursday the 3rd) the March fun continues at The Q with our Triple Day Event. There’s something for everyone as every item that’s one, in stock, and two, not on a clearance price, qualifies for you to use the code ALL3EZ for three interest-free split payments. 🙂

Until next time… stay well, entertained and interest-free!

Dale x

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