Food fest, thanks and garden games

I hope all’s as well as can be expected – I would just like to thank you all for tuning in to QVC and joining us in this surreal time we find ourselves in. As I say on-air and I genuinely mean it, you don’t have to be buying in order to tune in. I know from the many kind comments left on blogs or social media that many of you appreciate a bit of a distraction from current news and Andi Peters and I have received many heartwarming comments during and after Andi Peters’ Food Fest’s. Incidentally we’re back on together on May the 4th at 5pm for two hours if you’re free 🙂

Along with the rest of the nation I continue to be inspired by the continued selfless efforts of all our key workers. The variety and amount of fundraising going on is also something we should be proud of, who could fail to be inspired by the wonderful Captain Tom and of course, huge thanks go to those of you that have contributed to the National Emergency Trust via #givingback  – Thank You.

Mrs F had a good sort out over Easter (any excuse!) and she unearthed a box of garden games… firstly, out came the badminton set (the shuttlecock was very confusing for Toby and Ellie), then the boules set – last used on a family holiday we spent in France and finally a bat and ball game that Alex and Jack once used to play in the Cornish sea when they were younger. The shuttlecock soon ended up in a bush and when I went to retrieve it I spotted a mother blackbird sitting on her nest (I know the throat stripes make her look like a thrush but she’s definitely a blackbird). I grabbed this shot using a long lens, so as not to disturb her – fortunately the shuttlecock didn’t bother her either!

Mrs F is next planning to sort through all those boxes of photos that are still waiting to go into albums, I thought I would share this one with you as it always makes me laugh… I think I thought I was going to be a “Movie Big Shot”. I believe this was taken around 1973? My hair is almost that long now!!!

Our Garden shows are hugely busy at the moment and for many I know it’s the best way to plan ahead, whether you have a balcony, patio or ten acres! There are plenty of great ideas and advice from our resident gardening expert Michael Perry. This Saturday I’ll be presenting three hours starting at 11am with Thompson & Morgan, featuring their Gerbera Patio Collection Today’s Special Value (TSV), followed by Fairytale Forest Garden at midday and Tools For The Home and Garden at 1pm.

Sunday is Beauty Day with a real treat for fans of Judith Williams in the form of her Day to Night Retinol Collection TSV. I’ll be with guest Gemma Holmes at 2pm and don’t forget gifts can be purchased and sent to a different address…

A date for your diary, next Thursday (the 30th) is Diamonique Day and I will be on at 8pm and 9pm.

So until next time… please do your very best to stay well and keep smiling!

Dale x

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  1. Hi Dale

    Aw my , how the Mrs Blackbird photo blessed me no end.. Simply stunning. What a good mum!! Glad the shuttle cock missed her, but isn’t it amazing what you find at the most unexpected moments. Priceless!!!

    Thanks for sharing that with us..

    Bless you and take care all your family having quality time together aren’t we.. Making the most of this lot.. Good will come..

    Best wishes

    Christine xx

    1. Thank you Christine – I think many of us are re-discovering simple pleasures around us – stay well x

  2. I love watching you and Andi. Omg I laugh so much. Losing my Dad in Jan and being a NHS worker and support worker. It has been a bad few months. But when I watch both of you and you on your own as well as Andi.
    I cry with laughter. Well done guys keep up the good work.
    Kim x

    1. Thank you Kim for your kind comments and the amazing job that you and your many co-workers are doing for the rest of us – INSPIRATIONAL! I’m so sorry you’ve had such a tough year – The very least Andi and I can do is spread a little happiness and we’ll keep trying to make you smile – stay well ! we’re back on the 4th of May Dale xx

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