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I hope all’s well…

Are you having a holiday this year? Tracey and I decided again this year that we won’t be having a “holiday” in the traditional sense, but we’re taking plenty of day trips and have already spent quite a lot of time off time working on the garden etc.

As the saying goes, “a change is as good as a rest” and as much as I love my job at The Q, I also love getting out into the beautiful UK countryside as often as I can. On Thursday I returned to the RSPB Arne reserve in Dorset, as I had enjoyed a visit there a few weeks back and despite the weather not playing nicely, I still had a wonderful relaxing time and took the photo above. I also took some video and plenty of photos, as you might guess, and I’ll share some with you in my next blog.

It poured all day this Saturday, except for about an hour when the sun shone brightly, so my daughter Ali and I rushed out with the dogs and I couldn’t resist grazing on the early ripening blackberries – a little sharp but fantastic!

Talking of fantastic! This Saturday (the 14th) we have our best ever carpet washer on-air and it’s also a Today’s Special Value (TSV), which goes on pre-sell Wednesday.

The Vax Platinum Smart Wash Carpet Cleaner is from one of the UK’s leading carpet cleaning brands and has auto motion sensor technology – a UK first! This machine senses when it’s being pushed forward and automatically mixes warm water and cleaning solution before spraying onto the carpet. Then, when you pull back the machine it automatically starts to vacuum up the water, solution and most importantly, dirt from your rugs and carpets – there’s no trigger to squeeze in this mode. You also have a digital ‘Dry Only’ button if you just want to keep sucking up any residue etc. and this can help you dry your rug or carpet in just an hour!

There’s a lot more to talk about so I put a quick video together here and more importantly, you’ll be able to watch full presentations at QVC on Saturday. I’ll be with you at 11.00am and again at 2pm – it’ll be lovely to have your company if you’re interested, as we have a great offer for this special TSV bundle, which also includes two litres of cleaning solution!

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I have owned Vax machines in the past and have no hesitation in saying this is the best I have used, not just for its cleaning power but also for how quickly the rug dried when using the ‘Dry Only’ mode after cleaning. Don’t take my word for it, the Good Housekeeping Institute “approved” it this year and of course you’ll get up to 60 days to try it out and see for yourselves.

My daughter Ali is particularly excited that Doris has presented us with another lovely Doll 10 TSV in the form of the five-piece Limited Edition Doll Skin Collection. It includes the Anti-Stress Skin Perfecter, Genius Cheek Colour Infusion, T.C.E Supremely Bold Lip Colour, Lip Genius Lip Liner and a beautiful brush! Ali is a huge fan of Doll 10’s lipsticks – you can catch it on-air this Tuesday.


Well that’s it from me this week…

Until next time stay fresh and clean and of course… WELL!

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  1. Dale I love your blogs and loved your video on the ‘Refreshing breathe of spring’.
    I have watched it several times and realise it must have taken time to put together but can we have more of this?. I found it so relaxing, one of the best I’ve watched in a long time. Everything about it was perfect, breathtaking scences captured at the right time and lovely background music.
    Keep up the great photography!

    1. Thank you Pamela for your kind words – I’m always out with my camera and I’ll be putting together another film in the next couple of months – The Summer hasn’t been kind to photographers as it’s rather like visiting the Zoo in the rain – you don’t get to find as much wildlife as they’re trying to stay dry – who can blame them ! Dale x

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