Food Fest starts again and pies!

I hope all’s well…

As a quieter but much anticipated New Year celebrations came and went, our beautiful festive decorations gradually came down and were reluctantly placed back into their many boxes, where they’ll stay until much later in the year (July at The Q of course 🙂 ).

As you know, I love my food and I’m pleased to say that I’ll be back on Tuesday the 12th with my foodie mate Andi Peters at 5pm for the first Andi Peters’ Food Fest of the Year! The Today’s Special Value (TSV) of the day is from debutant TSV’ers Wilfred’s Pies – Wilf and his team, based in the beautiful Gower region of South Wales, have come up with a fabulous Set of 12 Premium Welsh Pies available in three flavoursome options.

Choose from Steak, Chicken or Vegetarian selections, all available to order on pre-sell now. The pies are made to Wilfred’s traditional recipes with a shortcrust pastry base and a traditional pie top of short and puff pastry. I’ll list everything you can receive below, but my favourite was the “Gower Cwtch”, a mouthwatering combination of slow cooked steak, leeks and horseradish – I believe the Welsh word “Cwtch” loosely translates into English as a cuddle or hug.

Set of 12 Premium Steak Welsh Pie Selection

Comprises four each:

  • Steak and Ale
  • Steak and Horseradish
  • NEW Steak and Potato


Set of 12 Premium Chicken Welsh Pie Selection

Comprises four each:

  • Chicken Leek and Cider
  • Cheesy Chicken Leek and Potato and Chicken,
  • NEW Pea and Asparagus


Set of 12 Premium Vegetarian Welsh Pie Selection

Comprises four each:

  • Spicy Cauliflower Balti
  • Sweet Potato Spinach with Goat’s Cheese
  • NEW Creamy Mushroom


I’ll be with my younger fellow silver Fox TV brother Wilf on video call earlier on the 12th, at 3pm, for an hour of “Wilfred’s Lovely Welsh Bakes”. So I hope you can join me at some point throughout the day.

The day before (Monday), we have a wonderful 60 Piece Set of Huggable Hangers as our TSV, which I’ll be showcasing at 3pm for a two hour “Clean & Tidy” show with lovely guest Amy Burrows.

This bundle is the largest QVC has ever offered from Huggable Hangers. If you’re tight for space (aren’t we all?), these ultra-slim hangers are under 1cm thick, making them great for creating extra room in your wardrobe that can be taken up by larger, bulky hangers. The hangers’ long brass hooks are perfect for hanging jumpers, tops, dresses and even coats on, plus their gentle curves help preserve the shape of your clothing, minimising those annoying shoulder bumps.

The colour-fast flocked finish allows you to hang wet garments on too, without having to worry about colours running, and also allows your clothes to stay put as it grips to even the softest, most delicate fabrics. There are some skirt/trouser clips and cascaders that allow you to maximise your space even more by hanging clothes vertically, plus we’ve even included some shoulder shapers. I’ve pictured a sample of the Blush in this photo – in all you’ll receive twenty Suit Hangers, twenty Shirt Hangers, eight Shoulder Shapers, six Trouser/Skirt Clips and six Cascaders, in a choice of Grey, Blush, White, Teal and Merlot.

Remember also that every order (up to three a day) will qualify you to spin the wheel in our Great QVC Giveaway – hundreds of prizes can be won instantly plus an entry into the £10,000 draw!

Until next time stay well fed, lucky and most importantly, well!

Dale x

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  1. Happy new year dale hope you and family had agood xmas and new year i had aquiet time.
    thanks for my xmas card glas you got mine.
    all the best for 2021 i had quiet xmas and new year.

  2. Hi , Just taken delivery of a tin of our favourite German bakers biscuits not gingerbread. Does this mean we might get Limbertz on the food shows with you and your partner in crime .

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