Garden wildlife and a luxury deal

Well after such a dry April, May has been, well… autumnal! As much as we love our dogs Toby and Ellie, the pleasure of walking them in the rain is tempered, knowing that they will need a good clean when we get back. Mind you I have to say my garden is pretty grateful for the rain and the grass is looking a bit greener too and is definitely in need of some TLC from my pal Richard Jackson’s excellent Lawn Magic! I’ve noticed quite a bit of moss already this year and although it’s a pleasing shade of green and soft underfoot, it does tend to crowd out the grass – another reason to use Lawn Magic!

As I went to the shed the other day to get the lawn mower out a little startled robin flashed passed me. I guessed she was sitting on a nearby nest and deduced that she had flown out of a small hanging basket holding a faux plant on the fence beside our shed. Inside was a beautifully crafted nest lined with moss and bearded collie hair in which sat five beautiful little speckled eggs! As she had left it, I grabbed a quick snap with my phone, making sure not to touch it. I made sure from that point to minimise my trips to the shed as much as possible so as not to disturb her (Tracey at first thought it was a ruse not to mow the lawn).

I know I mention it in most of my blogs but I can’t praise enough the combination of Richard Jackson’s Premium Bird Food and the Grumpy Gardener Fat Balls. The reason I use both is that in my garden anyway, different species seem to like one or the other, a few will feed on both. For example, The Great Spotted Woodpecker and Long Tailed Tits will only feed on the Fat Balls, the Goldfinches and Nuthatch will only feed on Richard’s food, Blue Tits, Coal Tits and Great Tits will feed on both, but individuals seem to prefer one or the other.

We’ve even seen Blackbirds work out how to perch on the feeders, which they struggle to do being ground feeders like the Dunnock and Chaffinch. The Wood Pigeons and Grey Squirrels are a problem and although my approach is “all are welcome”, they eat way to much at a time and I would recommend at least one feeder being squirrel proof (this may well work with the pigeons as well).

On Thursday I’ll be presenting and hour featuring our Today’s Special Value (TSV) from Neom. This wonderful British brand founded by our guest Nicola Elliott has swiftly become a huge favourite in both my home and I know many of your homes too. They pride themselves on using 100% natural fragrances and use many organic ingredients in their wellbeing products.

Our TSV features a choice of Real Luxury or Bliss Relaxation and I was lucky to sample the former comprising the stunning Real Luxury Scented Candle with lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood – it’s so beautiful you’ll be tempted not to burn it! You’ll also receive the matching fragrance Real Luxury Bath Foam and a wild mint and mandarin Great Day Hand & Body Lotion, together with matching Uplifting Hand Balm. Our TSV saves you over £40 compared to buying direct from Neom and it’s available to order right now! Plus, there’s an Auto Delivery option too! Happy shopping!

We couldn’t possibly let May finish without another visit from my good friend Andi Peters, so if you’re around do join us for some tasty and tempting gourmet treats this Saturday (the 29th) at midday, for a two-hour Andi Peters Food Fest Special. We’d love your company!

That’s all from me so until next time, stay green fingered and organic…


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  1. Hi Dale
    The pretty faux flowers in the hanging basket near your shed look like the perfect screen to hide and help protect the robins eggs. It will be lovely for you and your family to see the adorable little fledglings soon and it sounds like they will have plenty of tasty food close by to tuck into 🙂
    What a great place for the robin to choose – hopefully by the time her eggs hatch, the weather will have improved 🤞
    Best wishes
    Jules x

  2. Hi dale hope you and your good lady and your children are well hope you dont mind me asking how is your son and daughter getting on at univeristy.
    Iam now back to work off furlogh back at work from 19th of april working at mcodnalds in aberdeen 26 years worked this year in september.

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