Getting settled and well-nourished

I hope all’s well…
Well as we approach the last Ashes Test Match and the children have now settled back into school – it’s perhaps time to prepare for the cooler months both from a clothing point of view and of course in our gardens.
The pine trees in my garden are a constant source of beauty, but as I’ve written about before, also a constant source of mess! At this time of year it’s time for the old pine needles to shed, covering the garden and as we have “velcro” coated dogs, the house as well :). Plenty of action therefore for The Original Garden Broom I mentioned in my last blog.
It’s also a good time to give the lawn a good feed before it prepares for the much colder weather ahead. Lawn Magic from my old pal Richard Jackson is my choice of lawn feed and it’s stood my lawn in very good stead over the years, helping it to recover from wear and tear through the summer from sporting activities and dogs alike.
Last week saw the fifth anniversary of Ellie joining our family and having enjoyed five illness-free years, she’s picked up a strange illness that sees her now on her third course of antibiotics – let’s hope this one does the trick and she’s back to full good heath soon.
As you may have guessed from watching myself and Andi Peters on QVC – I love my food! Recently though, I’ve been cutting down on my intake of red meat and processed meat – that’s not to say I’ve stopped eating either but when I do it’s more of a treat. As a result, I recently defrosted a Peppered Steak Pie from The Real Pie Company and I couldn’t wait for it to reheat in the oven – I enjoyed every last morsel even more than usual! We always have a good selection of Pies in stock online and Andi Peters and myself are back on air for two hours from 5pm on the 25th of this month.
I’m also trying to improve my intake of fruit and veg and I know that many enjoy making their own smoothie cocktail, perhaps to start the day? Tomorrow we have a great offer from Vitamix in the form of the Explorian E320 Blender. Of course, it will do much, much more than make a tasty smoothie, you can also prepare your own recipe soups and sauces or prepare a delicious dessert using frozen fruit, and lots more.
The Explorian has a really powerful 2.2hp motor that powers through all types of foodstuff to help create some really creative dishes from starters to desserts. It has ten variable speeds and a “pulse” feature, and importantly from a daily use perspective is easy to clean. We have a choice of Black, Red or White, so I hope you can join myself and guest Gareth Evans for some great demonstrations on how to get the best from your Vitamix Explorian.
Until next time… stay well-nourished and blended!
(I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean either?!)
Dale x

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