Heathland dog walks and hair-free deals!

I hope all’s as well as can be expected…

So June is well and truly upon us and it’s one of my favourite months of the year, flowers are bursting with colour and the sound of the birds chirping in the garden is a real joy. I’ve even been fortunate enough to hear a nightjar churring the other evening whilst I was walking Ellie across heathland behind our house. Churring is the most unearthly, alien-like sound and it’s hard to believe it’s made by a relatively small bird (a little smaller than a blackbird).

On the green, where Ellie and Toby often have their morning walk, is a quintessentially English village pond, complete with water lilies and ducks with their own floating house! I couldn’t resist taking a pic to share with you (above).

Ellie is the “hunter” of our two – she just loves the chase and so is fascinated by the ducks, moorhens and coots as they swim on the pond. Toby however, is rather more interested in any food that may have been left for them! Last summer Ellie chased a fledgling blackbird into a corner, my daughter raced to rescue the poor little thing and saw that Ellie was just sniffing the bird out of curiosity, once it had stopped moving.

I’ve had a few days away from the Q this week and it was so lovely to finally be able to take a trip down to Sussex to see my dear mum, who of course has been isolating at home. It was so lovely to finally chat face-to-face with her, in the flesh, in her lovely garden. She was quick to show me her amazing display of roses that she’s been feeding with Richard Jackson’s Rose Tonic… she said they’re the best they’ve ever been.  Talking of Richard, a little update on the lily growing ‘non’ competition-competition 😉 – I’ll include a photo in my next blog, but suffice to say they are doing amazingly well, brought on with plenty of Flower Power!

Whilst I have been off it has given me a great opportunity to try out the new Shark DuoClean Powered Lift Away Upright Cordless Vacuum that we’ll be showcasing as our Today’s Special Value (TSV) on Wednesday the 17th. I’ve made a short video explaining why this is a game-changer for the Franklin’s 🙂 (in short, the new Anti-Hair Wrap feature is brilliant!).

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But don’t worry, you don’t have to have shaggy dogs in your home to appreciate this really well-featured upright, which doubles as a portable handheld vacuum for use on hard floors or carpets, beds, upholstery etc. It’s also cordless, with a removable re-chargeable battery and a host of attachments, plus all at a brilliant TSV price and available in three interest-free instalments! I’ll be showcasing it in greater detail during our Household Helpers show with Shark hour at 7pm on Wednesday (stock permitting).

Oh! Just a quick reminder talking of the three interest-free instalments… don’t miss out on your three interest-free monthly instalment Voucher Codes if you’re considering ordering Elemis or Ultrasun this month (T & C’s apply).

So I’ll be back on-air on Monday the 15th and really look forward to your company if you’re free to join me.

Until next time… stay “churring” and “hair-free”!! I know they’re getting worse! 😀

Dale x

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  1. Love you as a presenter, you’re funny with KEELY from ELEMIS …. also love your doggies !!!

    You’re my favourite male presenter, and Chloe’s my favourite female presenter 😁

    I may have misheard at a party once, but I think you vaguely know JEAN & ANNE & Dave LOWEs family in Ewell, Surrey? Karen, her daughter, is my Sister-in-law …

    1. Hi Nicky
      Yes lovely Karen is my Mum’s Cousin’s daughter (confused?) Thanks for your lovely comments – stay well – Dale x

  2. Was William Hooper who played Paul Drake in Perry Mason a relative of yours. Looks very similar and he was also known as Silver Fox.

    1. Not that I’m aware of Ann – I’ve been likened to many others – currently Doc from “Back to the future” 🙂 – Dale x

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