Hot days and haircare offers

I hope all’s as well as can be expected…

My lawn has certainly benefited from the heavy rain we enjoyed last week, although we won’t miss the pitter patter of wet paws sneaking in through the kitchen from Toby and Ellie.

Both Mrs F and I are particularly delighted that the dog grooming parlour is now open and they are both off to be beautified this week. We have tried our best with them, I even had a go with clippers on their tummies during that really hot spell last month, but nothing competes with when they come back from the groomers looking and smelling fantastic.

Talking of hair, I was delighted to be given a sample of this coming Monday’s Today’s Special Value (TSV) from Tweak’d to try. It’s back by popular demand having been a TSV earlier in the year and features a supersize tub of their Dhatelo Restore Cleansing Hair Treatment, a 5-in-1 hair treatment, shampoo, conditioner, detangler and shine enhancer that’s ideal for dry, damaged hair and has a lovely amber/vanilla scent, as well as a bottle of Dhatelo Restore Revitalising Hair Treatment Mist.  So if like me you don’t always have the inclination or time to use lots of separate products why not give this a try? As a 5-in-1 it definitely ticked all the boxes for me!

Oh yes! Later today, around 5.10pm on Facebook Live, I’ll be hosting a “Guess The Item” quiz. I say hosting, in fact I’ll be hopefully joined by our trusty QVC customers and see if we can get the answers together! Teamwork will win the day!

Over the years, I have enjoyed presenting so many food shows and of course tasting everything that’s put in front of me and rarely a show goes by without me ordering something tasty, so I particularly enjoy discovering all the latest gadgets that make life easier in the kitchen too. On Monday the 29th at midday I would love you to join me, as I will be in the kitchen with Swiss brand Kuhn Rikon who will be celebrating 10 years on QVC, where did that time go?

So with the thought of food in mind, it’s time for my lunch and as the sun is shining… I think I will enjoy it in the garden, with Toby and Ellie ever hopeful that I might share it with them.

As the weather is set fair for a while, with the odd thunderstorm apparently :(, I put together a fun video with a couple of cooling ideas! Unfortunately, at the time of writing the Dyson AM09 is out of stock, so I’ve included a link to the Dyson Pure Cool Me Purifier Fan – also don’t forget to enjoy the sun safely! …where’s me Ultrasun?

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Until next time… stay well and cool!


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  1. I had a Bearded Collie for fourteen years in fact his granddad was a champion at Crufts. Bearded Collies have long hair over their eyes for a reason they have very sensitive eyes so the hair protects them. They can see perfectly well in fact Charlie saw a hot air balloon in the sky before we could you could have a word with your vet and ask his opinion. Saying all that they are the most beautiful loyal and so much personality love them.

    1. Hi Joyce
      Yes I agree Beardies are wonderful characters and very smart – Toby is showing signs of age (aren’t we all) and is quite deaf now and has slight cataracts in his eyes – so our vet suggested we keep the hair out of his eyes and use lots of hand signals – If our vet had his way I think he’d suggest shaving all of their hair off 🙂 Dale x

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