Hot days, laundry deals and fashion shows

Yeah… we’re havin’ a heatwave… yes, I was singing and dad dancing as I typed that! 😊

I hope you’ve all managed to cope with the recent hot and humid weather, particularly at night! My impressive eye bags have been boosted by several restless nights… terrific!

Obviously, I appreciate that it may be that the weather hasn’t been so fierce right across the UK and seriously, I’m not complaining, it’s just that we’re not well set up for really hot weather nor really bad weather come to that – perhaps that will change as our planet seems to be experiencing extremes more regularly and perhaps hot summers and cold winters will become more common?

I never thought I would hear myself saying “it’s too hot to barbecue” but it was last weekend as one of my oldest friends and his family came over for a garden meet up. I kept putting off firing up the barbie later and later, hoping it would cool down… until we ran out of crisps and rumbling tummies won the day!

Mind you, it’s a great excuse for ice cream time (not that I really need one), and we even keep popping ice cubes into the dog’s water bowls as they have been struggling too. They have been having their morning walk much earlier than normal at the moment and tend to spend the rest of the day sleeping in their “dug outs” under the bushes. They are both off to the groomers on Wednesday, which fortunately for them is very cool inside, so I might see if they need an assistant for the day… 😂

With all this hot weather the washing machine seems to be constantly on in our house, so Mrs F was keen to try out our Today’s Special Value (TSV) for Friday 21st from EcoEgg. I did offer to put on a wash but she convinced me I’d mess it up and insisted! (see some plans do work ;))

It’s a three-part set consisting of a Laundry Egg with enough mineral and tourmaline Laundry Pellets for over 1000 washes! We tried the gorgeous Orange Blossom scent but you can choose from six different fragrances, including fragrance-free. You also get a tube of multi-purpose Stain Remover Paste, which is great for the likes of grass, coffee and that barbecue staple – ketchup (usually found down my shirt), and two washing machine Mega Detox Tablets. Where we live hard water is quite a problem and although we keep saying we must get a water softener fitted we never seem to get round to it, so one of these tablets used regularly could help prolong the life of your machine and avoid any unpleasant smells in the process!

Join me at 4pm and 7pm next Friday if this ever-popular alternative to regular detergent is something that interests you… I know there are many reviews online for EcoEgg from customers that have made the switch and haven’t looked back, particularly those with more sensitive skin. Our extended 60 day money back guarantee really should be more than enough time to test it out!

It’s good to see live shows back on the QVC Style channel! We are running Clearance hours between 3pm and 5pm weekdays and we also have a wonderful weekend of Fashion with the very lovely Ruth Langsford headlining with her Jersey Knit Shirt Jumpsuit TSV, which is available online right now in Regular, Petite and Tall.

You’ll also see hundreds of items that are part of our Autumn Fashion Event, as well many more over the weekend and you can take advantage of three interest-free instalment offers using the voucher code “ALL3EZ” when you check out your purchases online at!

I’m thrilled to be back with my good friend Andi Peters on Monday the 17th at 5pm for two hours of our usual fun and mayhem and of course plenty of tasty sampling along the way too. I’m delighted he’s able to join us as he’s been busy standing in for Lorraine during her summer break. So it would be great to have your company this Monday for a two hour Andi Peters’ Food Fest Special.

Until next time… stay cool, fragrant and well dressed!

Dale x

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  1. Hello Dale, lovely photo of your two gorgeous dogs . Difficult trying to keep pets cool when it has been sooo hot….my two cats just slept a lot. Thanks for sharing.

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