I hope all’s well in these strange and uncertain times…

Our gardens are starting to show definite signs that spring is on the way as shoots start to burst out from beds, pots and even the grass! My tulips from Plants2Gardens are coming along nicely but I think they now need to be positioned in a warmer, less-exposed spot.

QVC is always on hand with gardening expertise from the likes of Michael Perry and Mark Lane, together with an array of expert guests such as Richard Jackson, David Ponton, Ken Evans, George Clowes to name but four! If you miss any of our informative and fun gardening shows, then you can always visit qvcuk.com for our whole range of plants, bulbs, tools, ornaments, lighting and furniture with video presentations on most items in stock.

On the 16th we have a Sale day together, with a great Today’s Special Value (TSV) from Blendtec in the form of the Blendtec 650 Blender with additional Mini Wildside Jar. This two-piece bundle features the designer 650 Blender with it’s 6 pre-set cycles and an 8 speed touch slider, along with the single-serve Wildside blending jug. You’ll be able to whip up an array of smoothies, cocktails, dressings, dips and more more . Sleek and super fast! Watch out for Easy Pays and a hugely discounted Sale price. 🙂

I couldn’t wrap up this blog without paying tribute to the wonderful Tova Borgnine, who so very sadly passed away at the end of February.

Tova, who was of course famously married to the love of her life, the late great Oscar-winning actor Ernest Borgnine, was also an extremely hardworking, dedicated and successful award-winning businesswoman.

I first had the pleasure of working with Tova back in 1999 and we hit it off immediately and went on to work together on many many shows over the following two decades.

I will always remember and cherish her warmth, charm, elegance and friendship as I know will also many reading this today. She was, as I often introduced her as, “Hollywood Royalty” and in this month of Inspirational Women at QVC she is especially remembered by us all.

As a consummate professional, Tova would undoubtedly say with a graceful wave , “the show must go on”, and so it must!

Until next time… Be inspired, be kind and stay well!

Dale x

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