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I enjoyed last week off as annual leave and thought I would be pretty safe in August to be able to go out with my camera and try to capture some “summer” moments, as I had in the Spring. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas… However with a lot of patience and a bit of luck, I managed to get some footage and I plan to make a start on a new seasonal wildlife film very soon. As a teaser, I “added” this still shot taken while filming. 😉

On that note, I’m really delighted that my “Relaxing Breath of Spring” film brought so much pleasure to many of you… thank you again for your kind words of appreciation and encouragement.

I’ve enjoyed presenting some weekend gardening shows recently and I’m always amazed at the wealth of knowledge our gardening guests share with us. At home, Tracey and I have been spending quite a bit of time this summer fiddling in the garden, making a few alterations here and there, including a low dry stone wall I managed to successfully re-route. We’ve spent so much time in the garden, most of the birds now see us as part of the garden itself and show little fear, feeding on Richard Jacksons Bird Food and the Grumpy Gardener Fat Balls while we potter around, as if we aren’t there! Mind you, the quality of Richard Jacksons Premium Bird Food and the Grumpy Gardener Fat Balls encourage even the most timid of birds. We have just had another brood of bluetits visit the garden and long absent starlings have made a re-appearance – they are like mini crows – noisy and gregarious swooping in en-masse to devour anything on offer!

Ellie and Toby are off to the groomers this week for beautifying… they always come back with their coats smelling gorgeous and silky smooth, the girls there do a marvellous job, as I’ve mentioned previously. Bearded collies have a double coat, which needs a lot of attention. Toby is 13 now and has understandably decided at his age it’s okay to sit down whilst he’s having his bath, which doesn’t make their job any easier… however we know that as soon as they come home, they will go and roll in the flower borders and then kindly deposit leaves and bits on the carpets – they do like to share! We’re always delighted when a sample of the latest cordless vacuum from great American brand Shark is sent home for us to try out and as anyone with shaggy dogs will know, it is the best test a vacuum could ever have!

This Saturday 28th, we’re showcasing at the Q a new Shark cordless vacuum Today’s Special Value (TSV) with loads of performance features designed to make clearing up dust and dirt effortless, even with Toby and Ellie around! It can be used as an upright or hand-held to suit, and folds to approximately half its height for storage.

It’s many features include Anti Hair Wrap, Flexology (folding down for easy storage and reaches under furniture), Duo-Clean roller head with new Power Fins for a better dirt pick up, a smart LED display showing battery level, suction level (Eco, Standard and Boost) and floor type. It has high efficiency anti-allergen filters and more. Also included in the box are really useful tools such as the hand-held motorised pet hair removal tool, multi-surface tool, crevice tool and a useful bag to store them all in!

Although I’m not on duty this weekend, I’ve been really impressed with it’s performance and you can also achieve up to 60 minutes run time with the powerful removable rechargeable lithium ion battery, depending on the mode used.

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If you’d like the opportunity to give it a spin tackling your specific needs at home, you can order yours at fantastic TSV price, on five Easy Pays and take full advantage of our 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

From practical to pampering, we are delighted that on Thursday 2nd September we will be bringing you some treats from the fabulous Elizabeth Arden brand, to find out more tune in at 6pm as Julia launches their first ever show on QVC. Julia, of course, is our longest serving presenter and so it was lovely for me to welcome to QVC our two newest presenters, Ophelia and Annaliese, they seem to be enjoying life at the Q and fitting in very nicely.

Lastly, I know we’ve featured Sunday’s TSV from Liz Earle quite a bit on-air already but I just wanted to highlight that it’s available to order now on pre-sale at qvcuk.com and it’s flying out! So if you want to get ahead of the game you can simply click this link to order yours now 🙂

So that’s all from me for now, until next time… stay spotlessly clean, moisturised and of course…well !

Dale x

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  1. Missing you on Andi Peter’s Food Fest tonight. Hope all is well and I am sure you will enlighten us with the “Congratulations”.

    1. Hi Elaine, hopefully my last blog explained the “celebration “ comments 😂 I’m back with Andi on the 23rd 😀 Dale x

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