Jubilee plans, Food Fest and wildlife spots

I hope all is well…

Well, the Jubilee plans definitely seem to be well underway and everywhere I go people seem to be getting into the spirit of the long weekend that will soon be with us. We are fortunate enough to have lovely neighbours and we don’t need much of an excuse for a get together! With that in mind the bunting is going up on the Thursday in preparation for a fabulous Friday – let’s just hope the weather will be kind to us all. So wherever you are and whoever you will be with over the long weekend, I hope you have a great time.

I’m away from The Q this week making good use of my time in the garden and taking long afternoon walks into the countryside with my youngest dog Ellie, along with my camera. Toby is now approaching 14 years and although doing very well, only needs one walk a day (vet’s orders ). We have to sometimes wait until he nods off before making a hasty exit for Ellie’s 2nd walk – I know I’m humanising him but he doesn’t realise that we do it for his own benefit. Ellie on the other hand is nearly eight years’ old but acts like a dog half her age and certainly needs a long walk later in the day.

I’ve shared two wildlife pics this week, the first a beautiful red squirrel I photographed last month on Brownsea Island in Dorset (see above). The second, a tender moment, as a male great spotted woodpecker feeds its youngster in the woods close to my home.

The start of the Jubilee week on Monday sees the return of The Andi Peters’ Food Fest as Andi and I are back for a two hours from 7pm. I can’t tell you how much Andi and I really appreciate all the lovely feedback we receive from you… we will of course be joined by many of your favourite guests who make the show such a joy to present.

Prior to the Food Fest at 5pm, I’ll be showcasing the Today’s Special Value (TSV) from SBC. It’s a great four-piece Cool & Refresh Day to Night Summer Collection on pre-sell already, from a brand that has been a firm favourite of our household since I joined QVC many years ago.

A few weeks ago I was selling the Holly Folding Cocoon Egg Chair from Innovators and couldn’t get over how relaxing that gentle sway was. It comes with a super comfortable padded cushion and needless to say, I got straight onto the website and ordered one for myself. What is so great is that when not in use, the chair doesn’t take up much room, simply unhook it and it folds pretty flat, so if space is restricted it could be just the answer.

I have to say, since it has arrived it doesn’t stay empty for long! On Friday the 3rd of June our TSV is a double version of this and as well as a great price, we’ll have a great interest-free instalment (Easy Pay) offer too. 🙂

I believe it’s going on presale from 1st June so if it sounds interesting then I would swing into action and not hang around too long before ordering (puns intended).

Well I’m off to photograph some more of our wonderful British wildlife, so until next time… relax and enjoy your bank holiday.

Dale x

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  1. Hi Dale
    Thank you for sharing your lovely images of the beautiful red squirrel and colourful great spotted woodpeckers.
    They are two very different species of great British wildlife and must have been delightful to encounter.
    I hope you and Ellie can enjoy some of the warmer weather on your countryside walks and that Toby can also, albeit at a gentler pace.
    Wishing you and your family all the best
    Jules x

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