Last-minute gifts and a frost-free deal

I hope all’s well…

I recently had an unplanned absence from work when my dentist advised me that two wisdom teeth needed to be removed as soon as possible. My first reaction was, nooooooo I’ve still got two Andi Peters’ Food Fests to present! So we settled on having them removed the day after our three hour Festive Food Finale!

Andi and I really have appreciated your company at any time during our series of shows and thankfully many of you were able to join in the fun and fabulous food showcased during our final three hours of the year – thank you!

As I write and this most testing of years draws to a close, there are still opportunities at The Q to pick up a last-minute gift, dispatched in time for Christmas. There are some exceptions but generally speaking, you can order many items before 8pm on the 20th for dispatch in time for Christmas. We also give a countdown to our last shopping day on screen and notifications on, where you’ll find curated collections that you’ll hopefully find inspirational, particularly if trying to find a gift for that ‘really difficult person’ to buy for – in our house that’s me!

I genuinely get the sense that folk are really going to try and make the best of this Christmas. We’ve never had as many pretty lights up in our house before and whilst obvious restrictions may not enable us to see as many friends and family (in the flesh) as we would wish, it may make us appreciate those special relationships even more that perhaps, at times, we are all guilty of taking for granted. Of course, it’s not the same but we can still raise a glass to friends and loved ones over the internet and spread some much-needed joy.

Some of us view Christmas as this high wall that we can’t see clearly over and thoughts of the next year don’t crystallise until after the New Year celebrations but fortunately our buyers at QVC have a ‘magical step ladder’ that allows them to see over the wall to the exciting year beyond – so much so that they have already started to plan ahead for next Christmas!

This coming Sunday the 20th we have a great time-saving idea for all car owners. It’s the Weatherforce 360 from Bell & Howell – an all-weather windscreen cover that neatly protects it from ice and snow, which in the UK can be present right up to April. If you’re anything like me I rarely leave enough time to clear my screen of ice, which of course is an essential (and legal requirement) before setting off. But even if you’re organised, it’s so much quicker to just whip off the Weatherforce 360 and give it a shake!

However, it’s not just useful in winter, in the hot summer months it can also help to reduce the build-up of heat in your car – particularly if you ever park with the sun beating down onto your windscreen! If your feathered friends take a shine to it, no need to worry as it’s also washable! It neatly folds away too to take up virtually no boot storage space, so you have it with you at all times, wherever you go. I’ll be showcasing it at 7pm with other great practical ideas.

So steady as you go and until next time… stay well, frost free and fabulous!

Dale x

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  1. Hello Dale, may I wish you and your family, not forgetting your gorgeous dogs, a very Merry Christmas, goodness knows we all could do with some happiness and a bit of cheer, and a peaceful and prosperous New Year….well it can only get better I think !!!!! Take care, and stay safe.

    1. Thank you Susan – I hope you have a wonderful time too – yes – roll on 2021 I’m sure there are still a few bumps in the road ahead but things will eventually brighten up for all 😀Dale x

    1. Cheers Martin – thank you very much for your card – 🎄You’ve sent me one for many years now and it’s much appreciated 🎅🏻Stay well and let’s positively look forward to 2021 my friend 👍

  2. Happy new year dale hope you and friend s and family had agood xmas and new year i had quiet time.glad you got my xmas card thanks for your xmas card all the best in 2021

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