Lilies, lizards and summer staycations

I hope all’s well.

August is in full swing and I’ve grabbed a few days at home, as regular readers may have noticed I’ve been taking a few days annual leave throughout the summer and having mini staycations, catching up on chores around the house etc. Whether you’re staying locally or venturing further afield I hope you manage to enjoy yourselves.

Fortunately, we had no holidays abroad planned this year as we tend to book on impulse but I have really enjoyed taking lots of short breaks and firing up the barbecue whenever the weather allows. It goes without saying that much time has been spent tending the garden and as usual, Richards Jackson’s Flower Power and Root Booster has been in regular use.

Talking of Richard, I’ve taken a picture of me with his amazing fragranced giant lilies, as mentioned in previous blogs – as you can see they’ve come on a bundle!

I think I’ll title this photo “The Sweet Smell of Success!” 🙂

Initially, Richard thought it was time for another presenters lily growing competition but with all that has happened this year it was cancelled. However, some of us had already received our bulbs and RJ’s fabulous Multi Purpose Premium Compost, and so we’ve been holding an unofficial ‘non-competition, competition’ – they’re fantastic aren’t they? Such a sweet but not overpowering fragrance too!

As soon as the picture was taken I spent a while cutting out the stamens which hold the pollen, it’s a shame but the pollen got on my top and it’s a devil of a job to clean it off. I then skillfully sat on our sofa blissfully unaware that I was covered in the orange-red dust, luckily (for me) the cushions took the hit and not the sofa! I know cat owners also take this action to avoid any issues with their feline faves ingesting the pollen, you can’t be too careful no matter how rarely it may happen.

I also thought I’d share this little fella that I spotted out walking Ellie on her evening walk yesterday. This one is a common lizard, I was also very lucky to photograph a stunning green sand lizard featured in a blog from last month.

Sadly, one of the downsides to a hot summer can be the humid stuffy nights that result in the need to sleep with the windows open. If, like Mrs F, you are bait for the mosquitoes this can be a nightmare, so we were delighted to receive a sample of the Dyson Pure Cool Me Purifier Fan to try out. I had presented this with Abbi but never actually used one at home and we loved it! It will have to go back to The Q eventually, but I’m hoping not until the autumn – I suppose I’ll now find out if my boss reads my blogs or not! 🙂

So fingers crossed the weather stays fair but even if it doesn’t, I’m sure I (or Mrs F) will find plenty to keep me out of mischief…

I will be back with you on Monday the 10th with two hours of sparkling designs in our Diamonique Spectacular from 2pm! That day we also have a fabulous  Margaret Dabbs Today’s Special Value (TSV) to tempt you, in the form of a Supersize Three-Piece Hands, Legs & Feet Collection. I’d love your company if you’re able to join me, whether you’re looking for a treat for yourself or a loved one or just wanting to enjoy the stunning designs and ‘window shop’.

Until next time… stay fragrantly sparkling and well!

Dale x

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  1. Lovely blog as usual and beautiful lilies. I’ve always found lily pollen on fabric can be successfully removed by immediately covering it with sticky tape and lifting off.

  2. Hello Dale, your lilies look tall and vibrant, can l ask I have similar lilies which l purchased from a qvc some years back.although l use Richard’s flower power/root booster every year my lilies are covered with red slimy insects (Beatles) l have researched into it and I found the neem oil is very good for lollies, first year it worked however, the leaves literally are covered with black/red insect. Looking at your picture your leaves look very bright and green and none of them seem to be damaged can you tell me do you spray anything on your lilies I have requested the garden experts to get back to me they are the De-jäger lilies range.

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