Lily competitions and a fantastic LG TV deal

I hope all is as well as can be expected as we welcome in May after an April full of so many ups and downs.

As I mentioned in my last blog Mrs F has been busy putting long awaited photos into albums and here’s another one that makes me smile or wince… (what a yob). I remember this being taken by Tracey when I was 18ish – I don’t know what I was trying to achieve or say with that pose, but you can see what the PC on the door of Number 10 thought of it. Obviously, you can’t get that shot nowadays unless you’re TV or Press.

For those of you who have been with us for several years you may remember a presenter lily growing competition with Thompson & Morgan. I for some strange reason was chosen as the winner, much to Alison Young’s chagrin 🙂 – so I was delighted when this year my mate Richard Jackson stepped up and thought it was time for another competition! Richard sent a few of the presenters Giant Flowered Scented Lilies.  Two varieties this time; Lampone (dark pink) and Peninsula (light pink), two of his favourite giant flowered scented lilies.

Although they can be grown in borders, I decided on planting in pots. This was also a safety measure as Ellie and Toby have a habit in warm weather of digging in, quite literally creating large dugouts in the borders under trees and shrubs to lie in. Talking to other beardie owners past and present, such as Kathy Taylor and Gill Gauntlet, it appears they are not alone! So the bulbs are safely planted in pots filled with Richard’s Premium Multi-Purpose Compost… and so the competition has begun.

At the moment Mrs F and I have found ourselves watching a bit more television than usual and dramas like The Split, The Nest, Belgravia and The English Game have kept us suitably hooked. What’s your current or recent favourite?

Now, I know traditionally we think about upgrading our televisions prior to the many big sporting events or Christmas, but I can’t tell you how much we’ve enjoyed watching this and many more dramas on a crystal-clear LED screen. Whilst you can pay many thousands for the very latest screen technology – you can still enjoy a fantastic Ultra High Definition viewing experience for considerably less, as you’ll see when we unveil Sunday’s Today Special Value (TSV) on Saturday evening.

Most larger screen TV’s now are smart. Essentially this means that when connected to your home networks and/or the internet, they offer a wider choice of viewing and can become your entertainment hub for network/streaming music and video and much more.

If you’re considering an upgrade to your trusted old telly, Sunday’s TSV offers a Smart 4K Ultra High Definition LED TV in a choice of screen sizes, from the trusted electronics brand LG and even better, it’s being offered at a fantastic TSV price.

So, is it the 43″ or do you have space for the 55″ screen? A little tip from myself – if you go for the 55″ screen and when it’s delivered you feel it’s way too big, be patient, live with it before you make a final decision and take full advantage of our extended 60 day money back guarantee.

I remember thinking my 32″ CRT TV was massive back in the day and we then moved onto a HD 40″ LCD, which served us well for several years. Then, having presented a 50″ 4K UHD LED TV with regular telly guest James Murden, I took the plunge and ordered it – my wife wasn’t happy as she thought it was way too big, until we watched a movie on it and she admitted it was a far more engaging experience.

It did take a little longer for us all to accept the 65″ TSV I later fell in love with 😀 , primarily as it was so big it partially obscured our front window, but we look at it now and think it’s quite normal until a friend walks in and says “that’s the biggest TV I’ve ever seen!”. It’s not of course there are much bigger TV’s on the market, but you get my point.

The sweet spot for many is somewhere between the 43″ and 55″ range and as I said you can relax and take advantage of our extended 60-day money back guarantee, before making a final decision on keeping it.

I’m pleased to tell you that Andi Peters and I are back on-air together on the 4th of May at 5pm for a special two hour Andi Peters Food Fest Special. We’ve both been humbled by the many lovely comments received after our shows, particularly the ones that comment how we’ve helped lift folks spirits at the moment – it really is music to our ears. As I often say, whether buying or not – you are most welcome to join us.

So until next time… stay safe and well!


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  1. Great fun when you are with Andi. Cannot order much as I am now dairy, egg and yeast intolerant so most things are a no go. However still watch you two as you such a laugh!

    1. You’re most welcome Anne – great to have your company – I know our buyers are aware of an increasing number of Vegetarian and Vegan requests from our Customers so I’m sure we’ll have more options for you sooner rather than later (not sure they’ll necessarily air on Andi’s Food Fest though 😂) Dale x

  2. Andy food feast fab show as always.
    One of my favourites is Lola’s cheesecakes any chance getting these back absolutely gorgeous. Just ordered the 48 sausage selection these are the best sausages we have ever tasted

  3. Hi dale hope you na dyour good lady are well hope you dont mind me asking how is your son and daughter getting on atuniversity i will be glad when this lockdown is over so ican get back to work at least is till have ajob at mcdonlads our franchise manager has said the government is paying 80s percent of my wages s thats good .
    enjoyed you and andy on food fest maybe qvc will give him afull time job as apresenter.

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