Plumptious pillows and gourmet food!

I hope all’s well, as always…

I’m glad many of you seem to have enjoyed the little relaxation film in my blog from earlier this week – thanks for the many kind comments! Both my blog and the film form part of our wellbeing campaign, Feeling Good Together, currently running online at

If you missed my blog and you love wildlife, then if you have a spare 14 minutes you’ll enjoy watching my little wildlife film. Don’t worry there’s not a word from me, just the beauty of nature I filmed in my local area accompanied by some relaxing music! Here’s a link to the afore mentioned blog and video.

In it I also suggested a few ideas that might interest and help you to achieve your wellbeing goals and there’s a couple more I quickly wanted to highlight, showcasing this Monday (28th June).

Part of anyone’s wellbeing is the ability to get a good night’s sleep – not always easy for a variety of reasons including the current warm weather, so a breathable luxury pillow at a fantastic price might be of interest? Monday’s Today’s Special Value (TSV) is from the trusted brand of Silentnight, in the form of plumptious pillows! Namely, the Airmax Super Support Pillows.

Available in a two or four pack, each pillow offers breathable support with Airmax technology featuring a ventilated foam core offering the potential of a more refreshing night’s sleep. This in turn is surrounded by breathable hollow fibres offering firm support, awarded 7/10 on the Silentnight Scale (one being the softest), so great for side sleepers as well and still really comfortable. They also boast Silentnight’s anti-allergy and anti-bacterial fibres that help to actively protect against bacteria and dust mites – helping to keep the pillows feeling fresher. In fact the anti-allergy fibres are approved by the British Allergy Foundation and the pillows have been tested and proven to reduce allergens that could otherwise be present in your bedding, whilst also being effective against 99.9% of bacteria!

We’ve grown up with Silentnight and it’s regarded as one of the UK’s most trusted bed brands – if you’re looking to upgrade or simply trying to find that great night’s sleep, why not give these a try at a great TSV price? Remember, we offer up to 55 sleep nights to give them a good try out under our 60 day money back guarantee!

Also when looking at ways to relax for some, a gourmet food treat is just the ticket! If that sounds like a bit of you then I’m delighted to say that Andi and I return for the latest edition of Andi Peters’ Food Fest on Monday, at the earlier time of 2pm. We’ll be sharing great offerings from the likes of Gower Cottage Brownies, Snaffling Pig, Lambertz German biscuits, Joe & Seph’s luxury popcorn, Toppings Pies, Althams Butchers and more!

I hope you can join us!

Until next time… stay relaxed, satiated and of course… well!

Dale x

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  1. Thanks, Dale; just watched your video and am now determined to watch/listen to it as part of my ‘winding down’ evening ritual. So relaxing! Take care x 😊

    1. Thank you Kim – Please watch it as often as you like – I’m so pleased you found it relaxing, that was my goal . Dale x

  2. Just been watching the repeat of Quacker factory and you do get a bonnet basket. It must be an American thing. Google Is a bonnet a basket and you will see the pictures. 😀

  3. Hi Dale, watched your video a few times now and I must say it’s brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was so professional; you did a really fantastic job. I can tell how much you love wildlife, it so comes across in your video. No way could you make such a lovely video if you didn’t feel the way you do about nature. Lovely part of the country too; there’s one part which actually looked like the African savannah. The way you edited it was sooooo professional, it really was beautiful. I loved the slow worm and the sand lizard. There are parakeets where I walk too, sounds very tropical. I’m really into snakes at the moment and hooked on Dingo Dinkelman on YouTube, check it out if you have time, he has some amazing snakes. I think I might go to bed and watch the video again, lovely job Dale x

    1. Hi Gail
      Sorry for my late reply – thank you for your kind words – I’ll have to look up Dingo ! The editing takes up as much time as the filming , although you can go a long time and still not get the shot out in the field – patience and luck ! Dale x

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