Stormy skies and illuminating offers

I hope all’s well…

It’s been a bumpy start to summer with thunder and lightening and plenty of cloud – I hope it didn’t mess up any  Jubilee celebrations for you. I’ve attached a very short video I captured on my car’s dash cam on the way into work last week of just one of the huge bolts of lightning to hit West London that day.

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Still, the gardens of the UK appreciated a good drink and to be fair, the sun did put in a few appearances. This led to some excellent growing conditions especially for lawns which might have needed two cuts in a week!

Having presented the Cocoon Chair many times at The Q I decided to order one for myself and I’ve included a picture of me relaxing with Ellie in the chair, who to my surprise actually stayed with me in it long after the photo was taken. She wasn’t too sure to start with as I gently swayed the chair with my feet but she soon realised she was safe and nestled down for a while, until a rather fat squirrel started munching away on the bird feeder and she leapt into action to chase it away.

We have a variety of garden chairs and other outdoor furniture online at so it’s always worth a quick check before you consider buying elsewhere. Another garden feature that is popular with our customers is garden lighting, particularly solar powered, and on Monday the 13th of June we have the Luxform Kensington three-headed lamppost, boasting 105 lumens (our lovely Luxform guest Gill Gauntlett describes it as the approximate equivalent of light from 105 tea-lights).

Luxform are masters of utilising the sun’s rays to power their garden lights and this lamppost has a beautiful lantern atop a post with rails and a planter at it’s base. Simply screw together the post itself, attach the lantern to the top and the post to the planter base. Make sure you place some ballast (perhaps sand or bricks, broken paving slabs etc.) in the base, then fill the rest with compost or place smaller pots inside with your favourite bedding plants, perhaps some trailing geraniums or begonias? Beautiful during the day and evening, when you can sit back and enjoy the warm glow from the lamppost as the sun sets.

Then on Saturday the 18th we have a brilliant corded stick vacuum cleaner from Shark. This one features the brilliant Anti-Hair Wrap technology and Flexology, meaning the stick has a clever “elbow” joint to get under low furniture, coffee tables, raised sofas or beds etc.

The Anti-Hair Wrap technology has been so useful at home with our two especially hairy bearded collies, Toby and Ellie, as you can imagine.

So until next time… stay illuminated and hair free!

Dale x

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